6 Useful Tools That Make Blogging Easier For You

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6 Useful Tools That Make Blogging Easier For You - Tea & Curls
“‎Though nobody can go back and make a new beginning... Anyone can start over and make a new ending.” ― Chico Xavier

Everyone outside this huge world of blogging thinks this is an easy task. “How don’t you have time to do it? It’s just a few pictures and text.” It isn’t and you – blogger – know that. I’ve lost count of the times I felt so overwhelmed with a number of tasks that need to be completed until you consider a blog post fully ready to go. Luckily through time, I’ve found a few tools that make my everyday blogging tasks easier and help me in specific situations.

When I first started blogging all I knew was Blogger and Microsoft Word and I didn’t even use this last one (not even to keep a copy of my posts). Nowadays, when it comes to building a blog post, I use 3 tools that are essential to me: Coschedule, Grammarly and Fotor.

Coschedule – Headline Analyzer
Coschedule is a website that allows you to organise all your projects and events on a calendar and work with other people at the same time. But that’s not what I do. Coschedule has a free headline analyser that scores your headlines according to length (characters and words), sentiment (if your headline shows a positive/negative sentiment that will influence your readers) and word balance (common, uncommon, emotional and power words).

Coschedule - Headline Analyzer

Grammarly has been saving my life when it comes to writing. There have been so many times when I’m typing away and I forget a letter or a word or I use a word in a wrong way and don’t even notice it. Grammarly checks your text and suggests corrections while also explain where you went wrong. You can add it as an extension to Chrome and you can also add it to Microsoft Word (because we all know that MW dictionary has its flaws).

Fotor is a free editor online. This the editor I use to edit all my photos since forever. I’ve tried other editors before (Photoshop, PicMonkey, etc) but I always end up going back to Fotor. It has the curves tool, shadows and highlights – the 3 tools I use the most when editing my blog photos. Apart from that, it also has dozens of adjustable filters you can use. This editor has everything I need at the moment and it’s really easy to use.

I don’t know who invented Canva but the person is a genius. I love it. this is probably my favourite discovery of 2017 as it allows you to create Pinterest graphics, blog headers, YouTube headers and many other things by using different layouts that you can later adjust to what you want – change colours, size, fonts, images. It’s an amazing tool for bloggers who care about their imagery.

This little guy is a well know one on the blogosphere. It allows you to schedule your tweets and even better than that – allows you to set a posting schedule and then all you have to do is press “Buffer” without having to worry about what time you want it to go live. I use Buffer to schedule all my tweets when it comes to promoting my blog posts and life became easier.

If you are into the stock-images-world, you might know this website already. If not, welcome to the best stock image website ever. There are a million different websites you can use to get stock photos but Unsplash is, without doubt, my favourite. The images you found are very good quality and you never scroll to those random weird pictures some websites come up with. It’s free to use and you don’t have to credit anyone or anything – even though I recommend you to because people invested time and effort on those good looking pictures.

These are 6 useful tools that have definitely made it easier for me from stock images when I can’t get good pictures myself to creating Pinterest graphics for promoting my blog posts and making sure I don’t misspell any words.

If you use any of these tools and know of any others that might be helpful for fellow bloggers, do leave them in the comments below. Which one of these do you think will be more useful to you?

6 Useful Tools That Make Blogging Easier For You - Tea & Curls


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