I Feel Tired

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I Feel Tired - Tea & Curls
«Don't stop when you are tired. Stop when you are done.» - Unknown

I'm sitting at my kitchen table with breakfast on the side and I still don't know what this post is actually about. I don't think I've ever written a post not knowing what I wanted to say or not having a plan for it.

Life has been crazy busy these past few months and this is one of the first posts I've written in a while since the majority of them have been scheduled a few weeks or at least a few days in advance. I've gone through times when I just didn't feel the urge to blog, to sit down and write a few words on a digital page but lately I've been really missing blogging and I just don't have the time to do it.

Today I have planned my day. But not like usual. Normally I write down on a list all the things I want to do and most days I end up not having the time to do them all. Today I've planned all the things and time I have to do them. I woke up at 7am and this post needs to be done at 8am. It's currently 7.54am and I am not sure if in 6 minutes I'll be done writing. Probably not and I'll already be late considering my plan.

I've reached a point where it doesn't really matter how much sleep do I get. I'm always tired and most times it's a mostly a mental state. Life isn't always easy, we all have those moments when it seems like the world it's making fun of us and I've been kind of feeling that way for a while now. On that note, it's awesome that I've been so busy because it means I don't the time to think much about but now that I'm sitting writing this, I noticed how unorganised my thoughts are. How I'm not sure if I feel happy right now or not.

This was not supposed to be such a deep and spiritual post, trust me. I planned to title this posts "I Feel Tired But Happy" mostly because when I decided I wanted to write a "lifestyle update" post, I was feeling really happy. At this moment I am not feeling really happy and this is certainly not a lifestyle update because I'm not updating you on anything. This is just a ramble. Unorganised words that I don't even know if tomorrow I won't regret having posted this.

Do you ever feel this way? As if you don't know what to think about your own life? As if there are so many things to worry about that you don't want to worry about any of them? I would like to know. Feel free to ramble on the comments as well if you want!

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