How To Manage Blogging As a Student

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“It does not matter where you go and what you study, what matters most is what you share with yourself and the world.” ― Santosh Kalwar

Blogging is very time consuming as everyone already knows and since I’ve started uni in 2015, I’ve been really inconsistent with my blog – I’ve had months without posting once and I’ve had some when I’ve posted 3 times a week.

Even though I always intend to be organised and post regularly, I end up not having the time to sit down and think about new ideas, plan the blog posts for the month, photograph and actually write the blog posts. This September I knew I didn’t want to leave my blog behind once again and I really did everything I could to be organised – I got to a point when I had posts scheduled for 5 weeks – but that also means that blogging becomes a lot less instant, which I miss as well.

The organisation is key. As I’ve said previously, for me it is essential that I have several posts scheduled and keep on writing more because I know there will be a few weeks when I’ll be completely busy and will have no time to blog. Planning what you want to post and planning when you’re going to photograph for that blog posts as well the time you have to actually write the posts, edit the photos and schedule everything.

Turn your free time into blogging time. This has been the most difficult step for me and it’s the reason why I’ve failed some posts already I plan and tell myself I’ll use that time to blog but when it actually comes the time to take a deep breath all I want is to curl up on the sofa and have a nap. This obviously requires a lot of will.

Have a plan B. Some blog posts end up taking a lot longer to put together than what initially we expect and that means it might not be ready to be posted in time. Having back up photos that can go with any topic is always helpful because I can just type away a life update and I have a blog post ready to go up! This is something I try not to do often, otherwise, my blog would turn into a diary. Everything in life needs a balance.

Know your limits. This has been the busiest year of life so far – full of few adventures and a lot of challenges that I’ve accepted with my heart open and I’ve worked my ass off to succeed in all of them. This means I barely I have time to breath sometimes and it also means I haven’t posted on 3 of the days I had planned to since September. Have I failed? Maybe but maybe not. These have been crazy months and having missed only three posts is honestly a win for me.

It is important to know when to stop and to recognise when your brain actually needs a break. If this Sunday you’re not able to post, ok then next Sunday you might have an amazing post to upload. Find your balance and your limits.

What is your biggest advice to manage blogging and studying all at once?

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