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Bloggers Who Are Killing It Right Now - Tea & Curls
“What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” ― Jane Goodall

Back in August I got my ass back in the blogging world and started uploading more regularly, interacting with other bloggers and reading loads of blog posts – not only to keep myself updated about what has been going on but also to find inspiration for the future weeks. There are a few bloggers that I totally look up to and think “one day I’ll be this great” and even if I never get to be that great, at least I’m doing my best ahh.

Imii is honestly one of my favourite bloggers for a long time now. her content is pure honesty either she’s feeling great and sh*t and it feels like you’re just chatting with your friend on the couch with a cup of tea in your hand. Embracing Me is one of Imii’s blog posts from August and probably one of the most popular ones as I think most people can see themselves in those words. 10 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Alberta, Canada is such a brilliant post full of incredible photos from Canada. If you don’t want to feel miserable about being at home atm, don’t read it.

I’ve mentioned Gemma multiple times on the blog because she is definitely someone inspiring for me. When I first discovered Gemma’s blog her posts were mainly beauty and I was just fascinated by her makeup looks. Lately, she has been adding a lot more to the blog and it honestly makes me want to read it for hours. What Being a Single Parent Has Taught Me is a blog post that made me really open my eyes about life – we often are so centred on our own lives and we don’t ever realise how others have such different lives – I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a good post to read with a cuppa.

Martha’s blog is one I’ve come across fairly recently but it became one of my favourites fairly quick as well. I think Martha has found the perfect balance between fashion and wellbeing – something I absolutely love. She writes about plenty of subjects while still having fashion always present. 5 Ways To Reset After Failure and WhatI Learned From Failing My Summer Goals are two perfect examples of blog posts where you can find personal experience, advice and fashion. If you love fashion but also love reading about others’ experiences, this is the blog to follow.

Pint Sized Beauty
Lily has a solid blog that makes me wish I had the ability to be as organised and put together such great blog posts. She blogs mainly about beauty but there's always some lifestyle and blogging bits every now and then and that's what makes me follow her blog. 4 Things To Look For In A Blog Post is a good way to understand other people's perspectives when it comes to what to look for in blog posts and how to build your own. It's always easier to know what to improve when you know what others bloggers like.

What are your favourite bloggers and those you truly look up to?


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