What I Want To Achieve Before 25

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What I Want To Achieve Before 25 - Tea & Curls
“If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.” ― Coco Chanel

This is a completely different generation. At 22 my mom was getting ready to get married and at 22 I’ll still be finishing my degree. This is how slow and fast life goes these days. Life is so fast paced but at the same time, you spend years doing the same thing – in my case – studying. Being 25 years old is remarkable, it’s such a round number and big one from where I see right now.

A few days ago I asked my mom if she thought I’d be living on my own at the age of 25 and she quickly replied to me with a straight NO. That got me thinking about what I want to do in life and about what age I want to be when those things happen. I’m 20 now and in 2 years I’ll hopefully be finishing my degree so I pray that by the age of 23 I’m ready to start working seriously.

What I Want To Achieve Before 25 - Tea & Curls
What I Want To Achieve Before 25 - Tea & Curls

Driving licence. Something I definitely want to do before being 25 is getting my drivers licence. In Portugal, we can do it once we turn 18 but at that time that wasn’t my priority. Everywhere I need to go I can take the metro and it would be possible for me to have a car so what would I do with a drivers licence? Carry it in my pocket? I’m still not in a rush to do it but I think it would be extremely helpful to have it once the time to start looking for a job gets here.

Stable job. This is probably one of the hardest things to get these days but at the age of 25, I’m hoping to have been working for a year at least. Having a stable job is such a big step to get your life moving forward these days because let’s be honest here, you can go nowhere if you don’t have money.

Moving out. As a consequence of the previous topic, I want to be preparing to move out once I turn 25. I don’t need to be already living in my own house but at least thinking about it – looking for places, planning a life outside my parents’ house.

These are the things I want to achieve in life before 25. If it will be possible only time will tell but I’ll work very hard for it. Believe me. Some people think I’m way too ambitious but I don’t see a problem with that as long as you work hard for what you want in life and you are able to adapt to different situations once you realise that something won't work.

What are your long-term goals in life at the moment?


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