3 Big Mistakes On My Morning Routine

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3 Big Mistakes On My Morning Routine - Tea & Curls
“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive—to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love—then make that day count!” ― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

Morning is an important part of my day for many reasons but the most important is that the way I spend mornings reflect the way the entire day will go on. Because of that, I prefer to have productive mornings instead of lying in bed until it is lunch time. I realise my morning routine isn’t the worst as I’ve been improving through the years and making small changes as I realise what’s best for me but there a few big mistakes that I’ll like to change.

I came up with this idea for the blog as I was reading Julia’s post (from The Sunday Mode) about 3 Changes To Make To Your A.M. Routine. I felt so inspired by her post that I started thinking what steps of my own morning routine I could replace with the changes Julie mentioned and these are the 3 big mistakes of my morning routine.

Extra 15 minutes in bed
The moment I wake up I press snooze on my phone. WRONG. I shut my eyes again and fall into a light sleep for extra ten minutes. WRONG. The alarm rings again and I just lay in bed for five more minutes. WRONG. This is a bad habit I’ve been building for years and only recently I’ve been trying to change it. I know that I’m a lot more productive when I get up the minute I wake up. Even though it makes me feel way better and more awake, those fifteen minutes extra always have a bigger weight than they should on the scale.

Social media right away
I know I’m probably not alone in this one. How many of you go straight on your phone scrolling through social media platforms and checking your emails the minute you get up? Yeah, me too. The terrible habit I’ve mentioned on the line above is something I reaaaally want to change. Social media is definitely a big part of blogging and blogging is almost like a part of me but I don’t want social media to be (hard I know). Instead, I might start doing one of Julie’s suggestions – visualising my day.

Not getting ready for the day
Don’t get me wrong, I’m an expert on getting up and going straight to the bathroom to cleanse my face. I then head to the kitchen for breakfast and make my bed the minute I go back to my room. Open the blinds and start planning the day. But – a big but – I never get ready for the day. If I have no intent to leave the house, I’ll live in my pyjamas all day. I don’t mean getting fully dressed as if I was going out but at least put the pyjamas aside and put on something else. I know it would make me start the day way better.

Which are the main steps of your morning routine? What aspects would you like to change?


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