7 Tips on How To Fully Enjoy Your Vacation

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7 Tips on How To Fully Enjoy Your Vacation - Tea & Curls - Pico do Arieiro, Madeira
“No man needs a vacation so much as the man who has just had one.” ― Elbert Hubbard

After an entire year of work and dreaming about vacation how can it be so difficult to switch off once the moment comes? Are we too connected to our work and our responsibilities? The stress beings weeks before vacation – months for some people actually – with choosing our destination, finding a place to stay at and the ripping-hairs-out-of-my-head moment I always go through of not having a suitcase big enough that will fit every things I need in – or maybe I don’t need to much stuff, shhhh.

This year I really learnt how to value my vacation and how to fully enjoy it. The first half of the year wasn’t easy so I was determined to make the most out of those few days. Today I’m sharing with you a few tips so that you can also fully enjoy your vacation.

Every vacation comes preparation and making sure everything will be on point once you leave. For those who don’t bring their work home with them it is easier to get that taken care of but for those who do it might be a bit more difficult. Make you sure we complete every task for the following week as you won’t be around to take care of anything and remember – worrying won’t help you solve anything.


You’ll be back in a few days
Some people can never fully enjoy their vacation until they realise that they’ll be back to their usual routine in just a few days. Don’t forget that and enjoy the little time you have to put all those daily-and-sometimes-not-that-important problems behind you because once you’re back, they’ll be there waiting for you. Don’t worry about that!

Stop reaching for your phone
This is something I command myself to do when on vacation. Our phones are attached to us 24/7 for the most part of the year and the importance of unplugging for our mental health is big (Mandy from A Girl, Obsessed wrote The Benefits of Unplugging). Take that time to do other activities and actually have a conversation with your friends/family.

Walk without destiny
Take the opportunity to go for a walk without destiny just for the pure movement of walking. How many times can we do that during the year? We’re always rushing from side to side, let alone walking just to enjoy it. Let your instincts guide you and who knows you won’t find an amazing view at the end of the road.

Get involved
For me going on vacation means getting to know the culture and getting involved in that environment. Take a walk to the park, spend the day at the public swimming pool and visit the local market, shop on the little boutiques and local stores. Getting to know the life of those around you will bring your journey unforgettable richness.

Photograph it
Being the photography lover that I’m, I could never go on vacation without my trusty camera. When you intent to photograph, your mind will be more observant and you see the little details more easily. You won’t have the space in your mind for worries or negative thoughts and it means that once you get home, you can go through all the photographs and pick the nicest ones – perhaps printing them and creating a vacation diary is a good idea

Be flexible
Most of all, allow yourself to have good time and don’t restrict yourself from doing things you want just because it’s something you don’t usually do. If you feel like eating a pizza, eat a pizza. If you want to go for a run, go for a run. Do the things you feel like it and be spontaneous, how many chances do we have to do that?

Did you visit any places this summer? What's your favourite type of vacation (mountains, beach, etc)?

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