30 Blog Posts To Help You Improve Your Photography

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30 Blog Posts To Help You Improve Your Photography - Tea & Curls
“You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” ― Ansel Adams

Photographs can make it or break it when it comes to growing your blog or small business and that’s probably why everyone wants to know the deepest secrets of this art. But – and this is a big but – is there any secret to be told? Obviously there are things you must learn if you want to improve your photography – the basics of photography, shooting manual on a DSLR, aperture, shutter speed and all those complicated terms I couldn’t understand a few months ago; most of all it's practice, learning what works for you and finding your photography style.

30 Blog Posts To Help You Improve Your Photography - Tea & Curls
Today we’re focusing on getting better and learning from those who’ve improved their photography skills through the years. These 30 blog posts address various photography categories such as styling and composition, editing, travelling photos and a few more but it's up to you to be receptive and yet understand what's useful for you and what works with your style.
  1. Why Equipment Alone Will Not Make You a Better Photographer
  2. Beginner's Guide To Digital Photography Equipment
  3. Choosing The Right Camera For You
  4. A Beginners Guide To Shooting Manual On Your SLR
  5. Photography 101: Aperture
  6. Photography 101: ISO
  7. Photography 101: Shutter Speed
  8. Why You Don't Need A Fancy Camera To Take Blog-Worthy Photos
  9. Keeping Your Blog Photography Interesting: Styling and Composition
  10. Secrets For Developing Your Photographic Style
  11. 5 Easy Hacks To Improve Your Blog Photos
  12. Styling Simple, Yet Enticing Blog Photographs
  13. Five Tips for Taking Photos in Low Light
  14. 8 Blog Photography Mistakes You Might Be Making
  15. 5 Blog Photography Tips That Anyone Can Use
  16. The Step By Step Flat Lay
  17. How To Style A Flat Lay - 5 Ways To Kill It On Instagram
  18. 7 Tips For Better Instagram Photos
  19. 20 Essential Instagram Apps, Tools + Resources
  20. An Easy Guide To Photographing Beauty Products
  21. How to Get that Blurry Background in Your Photos
  22. How To Make Homemade Backgrounds For Food & Still Life
  23. 6 Food Photography Tips for Any Camera
  24. How to Take Better Travel Photos - 10 Tips from a Travel Photographer
  25. The5 Best Apps For Editing Your Travel Photos On The Go
  26. How to Find the Optimal Image Size for Your Blog Photos
  27. How To Back up Your Photos
  28. The Pros & Cons Of Using Stock Photos
  29. 21+ Free Stock Photo Resources (Updated)
  30. 5 Tip For Creating Your Own Stock Photos
Which blogs are you favourite for photography tips and inspiration?

30 Blog Posts To Help You Improve Your Photography - Tea & Curls

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