Feelings When Watching a Football Game Live

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About two weeks ago I went to watch a football game at the stadium with my boyfriend. Luckily it was a game full of emotions and excitement otherwise I’d have fallen asleep considering how tired I was.

I thought of writing this post because as I was sitting there I realised how many people aren’t themselves when they’re watching a football game. At this point I’m talking against myself to be honest. Through those 90 minutes I had a million different feelings crossing my mind and body & hopefully it will be quite funny for you to read.


I’m certainly not the one winning some millions at the end of the year but I certainly get to stressed and anxious because I so desperately want to team to win. I think that’s one thing so interesting about sports: You win nothing and you lose nothing whatever the end result is (unless you’re involved with bets) but you still wish to win so badly. Isn’t it weird when you really think about it?


Some people get so angry at the game, at the players or the referee that they start insulting everybody and saying the most non-sense things ever. Some people get really annoyed but I just find it so funny because most of those people wouldn’t do that on their daily life.


Now I’m the person insulting everybody. Not really. I get really angry when things don’t go to plan but I never really insult anybody as that’s not really part of my personality but I always go “Are you serious? Are you joking me? PLEASE!!” as if anyone inside those four lines would actually hear me. You go, girl.


When my fav team wins I feel more than happy about it & when it loses I get really disappointed and I wonder why I wasted almost two hours of my life watching that flipping stupid game. I doesn’t even affect me directly, why would I care? I don’t really know, I just do!

Bear in mind that I’m no expert at all. I know nothing about it but I just really enjoy watching it and cheering for my favourite team. I think I got this from my mum as she really is an enthusiast as well even though we’re not at all talented when it comes to sports. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it, am I right?

Do you like sports? Have you ever watched any game/sports activity live?


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