3 Bloggers To Look Up To

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3 Bloggers To Look Up To - Tea & Curls
Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm. ― Winston S. Churchill

Everyone has someone to look up to and with bloggers is no different. I look up to those who work hard and have a really cool blog. Note that my definition of cool might be completely different from what you’re used to read because I’m certainly not cool or is that a cool thing to say nowadays as well?

Either way, there are a few bloggers who I definitely look up too and see as inspirational. Bloggers whose blog I look at and think to myself “One day I want to have my blog at this level” and I say this on a healthy way. Don’t go around and copy others cuz that’s nasty!

3 Bloggers To Look Up To - Tea & Curls (Sophie Rosie)
Sophie Rosie | Sophie is completely and definitely one of my favourite bloggers of all time. She runs the kind of blog I could spend hours reading and scrolling through her posts. She’s very open about the way she feels and her life experiences and I believe that really makes her stand out from the crowd. There’s always something we can learn from others. Sophie also wrties many posts focused on life advice and easy tips that can make you life easier and a little better. One of my recent favourite posts from her is “How To Get Out Of Living in a 'I'll Be Happy When...' Mindset.

3 Bloggers To Look Up To - Tea & Curls (Gemma Louise)
Gemma Louise | I get that you can never really know how a person is based on their blogs and the lives they post online but Gemma to me is one of the most hard working bloggers I see around these day. Gemma, if you read this & it’s a lie, please let me live that way. Gemma has had a baby recently (he’s the cutest thing ever) & while being a full time mummy obvs she still posts regularly and she’s making her way into YouTube as well. If you tell me that’s not inspirational, I don’t know what is. Gemma’s blog is mainly focused on beauty and makeup but she also posts some lifestyle bits. If you want to catch up on what’s been going on, you should definitely read “Five Things”.

3 Bloggers To Look Up To - Tea & Curls (Katy Belle)
Katy Belle | Katy’s blog has become one of my absolute favourite over time. I always check out to see if she has uploaded because I believe her blog is full on personality. To be honest I don’t think there’s any blog like hers. Katy posts more about daily life, what’s been going on and life advice which is always helpful. Can you see a pattern here? So do I! Katy’s photos have something different about them & I love when I spot a photo and I know exactly from whose blog it is. Back in October I mentioned Katy’s blog on my “3 Blogs To Add To Your Reading List” post so here you have her being mentioned again, which proves that you should definitely check her blog. One of my suggestions is “Why I'm So Over Chasing Approval”.

What bloggers have you been loving lately?


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