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Our blogs are truly important to us and so are the name we chose. Why would you want to show something around if you don’t love the name of it? You wouldn’t. Looking back one year I was completely sure about the name of my blog and let’s just admit the blog itself was in a much better position than it is now but that’s not something I can blame on anything or anyone but me.

I don’t relate in any way with the name I was going with so I started to think of changing it. I considered all the pros and cons of doing it and I found tons of cons and not so many pros but I did it anyway. Why? I didn’t feel comfortable with the old name and I’d rather have way more work ahead me now with a name I enjoy then work reasonable on a blog I didn’t like.

Will I change it again? I hope not but I can’t be sure now. My personality keeps changing and that will have an influence on the way I look at things and how I process what goes around me. Tea & Curls are two things I hated when I was a child and two things I love now as a young adult. I’ve just adapted to it and I grew myself to like it or at least to accept it when the days aren’t as fab. Life is all about that. Adapting to situations. Adapting to what is new and make it work.

What are your opinions on the change? Would you do it if you didn’t love your blog name?


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