5 Things I Want To Do in 2017

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5 Things I Want To Do in 2017 - Tea & Curls
I might be a little bit late to the party but it’s better late than never. Am I right? I always like to set myself a few goals so that I have something to work towards. As if I didn’t have already enough work to do for Uni. My 2016 goals went down pretty damn well ("5 Things I Want to Do in 2016"). To be honest I was actually surprised I managed to achieve all that (let’s not talk about blog consistency tough) so I thought this year I’d settle a few more and who knows if I don't get surprised by the end of the year.

This year I want to…
  • Finish decorating my room After painting all the always and buying new furniture I have to admit my room was looking pretty empty (it still is to be honest) and I have made an effort with my bedside table but my walls are completely empty. This year I want to work on decorating the room and still take advantage of my décor and use it also as storage and organization.
  • Buy a custom domain It’s more than time to do it and I don’t want to go another year with putting that to the side. I feel like that’s something I’m failing with when it comes to my blog and I just feel like that would make me want to work even harder on here.
  • Buy my first DSLR camera Photography has been a big passion of mine since I was little and blogging has accentuated that even more. I want to level up my photography & learn how to properly use my camera. I know for some people learning photography is pure boredom but I love to know more about it and learn new things.
  • Read more Reading is also something I love to do but I never find the time to do it. I always think I just don’t have the time to sit and read a few pages of a book but to be honest I never made the effort to unless it’s holiday time. This year I genuinely want to read more books.
  • Worry less Because life isn’t centred on objects and stuff you can buy. Our minds are so important and we don’t even care about it. We don’t really take that much care of it, me included. I’ve always been someone that worries about everything and anything, which makes me really nervous and anxious leading me not to enjoy simple things as much as I should. This year I want to keep working on it and definitely care more about mental health.

What are your big goals for 2017?


5 Things I Want To Do in 2017 - Tea & Curls

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