5 Happy Things in February | 2017

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5 Happy Things in February - Tea & Curls

I have to admit it was a bit difficult to think about 5 happy things that happened in February initially. This month there were a lot of less positive things happening and then I realised how badly they’ve affected the way I feel and how I let it overlap the good things. Yet, this month was full of anniversaries and commemorations and I love it!

4th Year Anniversary | This month was me and my boyfriend’s fourth year anniversary & I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s really nice to look back and see how our relationship has evolved. We went from two shy teens to two crazy young adults & the trust we have on each other is what makes me the happiest.

27th Year Anniversary | On the 17th of this month my parents also celebrated their 27th marriage anniversary, which makes me really happy and smiley. We have to love someone a lot to be with them for 27 years & overcome the ups and downs of every relationship or marriage. One day, maybe?

Got back blogging | For 3 months I was pretty much out of blogging. I didn’t really post anything & I wasn’t even keeping up with my fav people. This February I finally got back into it. Organised my life a little bit and in the last couple of weeks I’ve actually realised how many different things you can do when you plan things & don’t spend hours procrastinating.

Lunch with best friends & Great talks | This month me and some of my best friends went back to University for the 2nd semester and since then we’ve been having lunch all together every week while also have the most non-sense talks only we could understand but that’s what friendship is, right? You just get each other.

Being productive | I feel like this month I’ve been so productive. I’ve done pretty much everything I had planned & I feel exhausted every night but it feels rewarding. When personal life gets a little rough, I like to focus on the things I can control & do things that will stop me from thinking about my problems: blogging & studying.

What great things have happened this month? Do you usually do any recaps on the previous months?


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