Feelings On Blogging.

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Blogging is something I’ve been doing for about two years and the reason why I started is slightly blurred when I think about it. Sometimes I wonder if all the hard work is actually worth it. Even though my rational side says no, I still do it anyway. 

Today I simply wanted to ramble about the things blogging has made me feel through the times. It’s a true mix of feelings, some of them aren’t so good but the majority is amazing. 

Blogging is so challenging. You have to come up with new and creative ideas for blogposts and for photos as well. With that comes frustration. Frustration when you can’t think of what to write, when you can’t find the right props for photos, when you know what to write but not how or the right title. Who knows? There’s been so many times.

Frustration is also there when you have the feeling a blogpost is going to do great & it’s just a flop. With that comes sadness and doubt. What have I done wrong? Why wasn’t it successful? 

On the other side, there’s surprise. When a blogpost you probably didn’t plan as much as usually has an incredible feedback. Doubt takes its part again. What’s the formula for a successful blogpost then? It remains unknown to me!

Something I’ve also felt a few times and I do consider myself a lucky person for it is recognition and reward. When I say recognition, I don’t mean the brands or any awards you can get. I’m talking about the comments my readers leave me on my blogposts. Lovely comments that always put a genuine smile on my face. When I know someone has truly enjoyed what I wrote, realises my hard work on trying to improve my photography or takes 5 minutes of their time to reply to my post with an extremely long comment that I’m more than happy to read, it’s a reward.

All of a sudden, all the challenge, frustration, sadness, doubt and those bad dark circle are so completely worth it. To read such comments, I could do everything all over again. That’s what I feel about blogging. 

What do you feel about blogging?


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