My Favourite Boards on Pinterest

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Pinterest can be such a wonderful tool to find new ideas, get inspired and learn new things. This social media platform can be confusing at first. Why would I need Pinterest? But once you get the hang of it, it almost becomes addictive. 

After writing “How To Find Inspiration & Blog Post Ideas” and mentioning Mandy’s board (her blog) as a way of being inspired, I thought it would be great to combine my favourite boards on Pinterest into one post so that you can also find amazing things! Here's 12 boards on Pinterest ready to inspire you!

1. link / 2. link / 3. link / 4. link / 5. link / 6. link / 7. link / 8. link / 9. link / 10. link / 11. link / 12. link

What do you search for the most when looking through Pinterest? Do you use it often?


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