4 Blog Goals for This Autumn

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When autumn comes everything changes and I’m not talking about the weather. It’s the beginning of a new academic year and all the worries, the work and the late nights start becoming our routines again. 

This autumn I set myself a few goals/challenges when it comes to blogging. After reading The Beaux Diaries post on this (link) I knew it was time to write my goals myself. We all know having goals makes us want to move forward and work harder & that’s what I want to do.


Being consistent is such a big step for building a solid community in the world of blogging. The more consistent you are with your blog posts, the more people will trust you and will look up to what you have to say. In the last few months consistency hasn’t been my strongest point at all but I’ve been getting better and I want to get even better so that I can feel proud of what I’m doing here.

New content.

I want to challenge myself to create new things, content I’ve never done before and something I can relate to and feel proud of. I’ve changed a lot since I started blogging back in 2014 (what?), I gained confidence and started caring less and less about others will think of me. My interests have been changing gradually and I’ve been slowly discovering who I am in the community, what I want to do and what I want to create. I want to write blog posts I’ll be proud of once I look back in a few months.

Better photography.

For me it’s so easy to stick to what I know and not trying new things. I want to be more creative but most of all I want to 100% love the photos I upload on my blog and I don’t want to look at them in two weeks and things Oh, that’s crap! I want to improve and learn from mistakes!


This season I want to commit not only with you but with myself that I’ll answer to every comments you leave on the blog. You took time to write it so why would I take the time to reply to you? Besides, I want to comment more on other blogs and not simply read them. People take time to write their blog posts and I want to just say Hi, I’ve read it and I’ve loved it, you’re doing great because that’s important too.

Enough rambling, what are your blog goals for this autumn?


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