3 Blogs To Add To Your Reading List

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Sitting on my bed after a long day scrolling through Bloglovin just trying to catch on what my favourite bloggers have been posting about is one of the things I do purely because I enjoy it & it makes me feel inspired.

Back in August I read “6 Blogs To Add To Your Reading List” by Katy (link) and I knew I wanted to write a similar blog post expressing my favourite bloggers at the moment. I took me two months until I decided it was the time to do it. So here you have it!

Chapters of Kat

If you ask me when the first time I bumped into Kat’s blog was, you won’t get an answer because I honestly can’t remember but it’s one of my favourite from day one. Kat writes about everything and anything and that’s why I love it so much. You can find serious blog posts in there and you can also find some that can make you laugh. She’s so relaxed in her writing that feels like there’s no worries in this world when you’re going through her blog posts.

Nettle & Blackberry

When I read Imii’s blog, I simply can relate to her. Truth is we’re almost the same age, we’re both studying at Uni and maybe that can make people have similar thoughts… who knows? Maybe we’re not that similar at all but I just enjoy reading what she writes and I love reading through her rambles because I love rambling as well. Being a lover of Instagram too, you can’t miss this opportunity of finding an amazing account as well!

Katy Belle

Yes, the girl who inspired this blog post. I’ve discovered Katy’s blog fairly recently but quickly became one of my favourite. She’s so different. I love her style & I love to tell & there’s always so much we can learn from hearing others’ experiences. Katy does fashion and lifestyle tips, those last being my favourite.

These three blogs have been my absolute favourite for the last couple of months, what about your favourites?


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