10 Things I Would Like To Achieve in Life

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I’m the biggest goal setter ever, which is pretty clear considering my last few blog posts. I love making lists, I love setting myself goals and I love to be able to look back and read this one day so what better blog posts would be there to write? 

The blog post that truly inspired me to write this on my little internet corner was “10 Things I Would Like To Achieve in My Lifetime” on Notes from Joana. Joana is the author of one of my favourite blogs ever & she always comes up with awesome blog posts so I wanted to take the inspiration from her blog post and think of 10 Things I Would Like To Achieve in Life! 

Creating my own business | I still haven’t fully decided what I want to do once I finish university but I guess it all depends on the circumstances at the time. What I know it that I’d love to have my own business and working in the area of nutrition with my blog would be a dream but who knows? 

Owning my own house | Having your own house is something I value a lot and for some people it might be stupid but it makes perfect sense in my head. My parents have always prioritised having a nice house over the said superfluous things such top technology and so on. I’ve learnt a lot from their example and from others’ example. No matter how much you want that iPhone 7 there are things more important than that. 

Being financially stable | This is probably one of the hardest things to achieve at the moment but I might get lucky when the time comes. When someone is financially stable, it means they’re fully independent when it comes to money & that’s something I really value. 

Getting married and having kids | You can say this is pretty standard and I haven’t want this all my life. When I was even younger I was always saying I didn’t want to get married and that it didn’t matter but at the moment I’d love to. I don’t have to but I’d love to, get me? 

Visiting most countries in Europe | I haven’t travelled a lot outside Portugal (I say a lot, I’ve only been to Spain, oh well). I love discovering new places and walking around but I’ve never really got the chance to do that outside my country so hopefully one day I will. 

Taking a photography course | Photography is something I’d like to invest in on a long term (once I get a job that allows me to have my own money, you know?). I’d love to buy a fairly decent camera, learn the basics on how to work with it and then experiment with it and have fun. 

Being more patient | If you’ve read my blog post on “3 Things I Want To Improve About Myself”, you would’ve seen this already but you know, it’s something I actually need to work on! 

Live life with no regrets | I want to always be able to look back to the things I’ve done in the past and not regret any of them. Instead, I want to look at my mistakes as a way of learning and not a way of judging my previous decisions. At the end of the day, we all make mistakes. 

Being a good cook/baker | Looking at my mum so comfortable in the kitchen makes me wonder if I’ll ever be that way one day. I love food and I love being creative with it but it comes to the point of actually do something, this can get a bit messy. 

Owning a dog | I would absolutely love to have a dog in the future if I have the right conditions to have it. I don’t want to leave my dog alone at home for the entire day every day. It’s just wrong. It will pretty much depend on my job at the time and so on. 

What things would you like to achieve in your life?


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