Why I Stopped Using As Much Makeup

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I love the beauty world since I was little. I remember being a kid and thinking that blue eyeshadow was killing it, who didn’t love blue eyeshadow? Ugh, those times. I started using makeup (if you can call it makeup) by the age of 12/13 and I’m not at a place where I don’t care about it as much.

In the last few months there were more days without touching any of my makeup products than the ones I did. I didn’t stop loving makeup, I still think bold lips are gorgeous, I still uau at some highlighters when I see them but you know.. I’m not feeling it.

One of the reasons why I stopped using as much makeup is that I feel that my skin is much better when I don’t use that much makeup. When I spend a few days without applying makeup is like my skin rejuvenates and I love it. The better my skin looks, the less makeup I wear and you can see it’s almost a circle I won’t get out easily.

Time. Endless are the times when I got late because I was doing my makeup. Since using less makeup, I don’t spend as much time doing it which means I can take the time in the morning doing other things such as delicious breakfast. This doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy to putting some more effort into it sometimes. 

I don’t spend as much money on makeup now. I was getting into a habit that I wasn’t enjoying at all. Every time I’d go somewhere, I’d have to buy something and then I’d probably leave it to die in one of my drawers. I’m limiting myself to use up the products I have now before buying new ones. I’m less into trying new products and more into sticking to the ones I know I’ll love. Let’s admit that trying new products can break your bank account: “Not liking this one product, I better buy a new one” and that is spending money twice.

Besides these logical and rational reasons, I’ve grown to know what I like and what products I love the most. I know what makeup looks makeup me comfortable and confident so I tend not to step away from that too much. With time I’ve learnt that I’m all about minimal and natural just to “enhance your natural beauty” (let the cliché take part in my post). My everyday routine is based on concealer, powder, mascara, eyebrows and bronzer. I haven’t been contouring or highlighting, I don’t even remember the last time I applied blush (is that bad?).

At the moment I have been loving to use such natural looks and actually I don’t find it that hard not having new makeup products to try every two/three weeks. What do you think of this? Do you haul makeup?


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