The Ones I Saved #4: Creativity & Insecurities

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Blogging is not only about photography and writing. There’s so much more besides that and sharing my love for other blogs and the blog posts I love reading the most is something I’m very passionate about. It’s time for another “The Ones I Saved”!

More on the personal side, I’ve been really interesting on changes people make on their lives and their general feelings so I loved “Listen, 15 Year Old Lisa..”, “7 New Things I'm Doing In Life”, “Living In Paris Was Really Bloody Hard”, “Things I'm Done Feeling Bad About”, “Mind, Body & Soul Goals For September 2016” and “7 Things You Need To Give Up If You Want To Succeed”. 

If you have been feeling down lately, have a read on Lisa’s blog as she wrote this amazing blog post on insecurities and it almost felt like I had written that blog post because I could feel everything she said on “Sometimes Insecurity Hits You And.. That Is Fine”.

When it comes to beauty, I haven’t been reading as many blog posts I used to but I really liked “Beauty: Where to Save and Where to Invest” and “Why I've Decided to Stop Hauling Makeup | Minimal Makeup Collection”.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with Instagram. Even though the follow/unfollow game driving me mad, it’s for sure one of my favourite social media platforms and I have been loving to read blog posts about it. That’s why these blog posts are being included here: “The SIMPLE Instagram Strategy That Doubled My Followers”, “10 Easy Steps To Grow Your Instagram Following & Using Insta Stories” and “How I Edit My Instagram Photos (And Maintain A Theme)”.

On a category that doesn’t suit for any other blog posts I’ve read recently is the “5 Tips For A Pretty Desk” by Mandy. I really love interior design and all things decor but I don’t read many blog posts about it. I’ve changed my room furniture recently and my desk is probably the part I’ve focusing the most because I hate messiness.

Have you read any of these blog posts? Which blog posts have you been loving to read lately?


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