Starting My 2nd Year at Uni: What Now?

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Here I go again. My school year has started four days ago and the craziness will start soon. New year, new life? Maybe but it’s so easy to fall back into old habits. I’m excited and scared but mostly excited to know what this year has to offer.

About a year ago I wrote this on my old blog: “I was admitted to the Faculty of Nutrition and Food Science and hopefully in four years I’ll have a degree in Nutritional Sciences. (…) Now that I am officially enrolled for this academic year things are a tiny bit (a huge bit to be honest) scary. (…) this is a complete new world to me. I don’t know the place and that is already so weird as I had been in my old school for six years and knew every corner of it.”

It feels incredible weird to read that (I already know every single corner of it again, yay me) and it makes me feel a bit sad to think that time is flying by so quickly. The second year is said to be the most time consuming of all and maybe the hardest one but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep up with the blog while still posting good quality content.

In order to be able to have school as my top priority and good quality instead of good quantity, I’ll be posting only twice a week – Wednesdays at 8am & Sundays at 10am (starting in October). The content won’t change much from what it is now as I’m really enjoying the way I’m going with my blog at the moment. 

I’ve decided it would be better for me and for the sake of this blog that is in fact extremely important to me to reduce the number of posts. This way I’ll still have time (hopefully) to promote them properly on social media, read blogs posts that captivate me, participate in Twitter chats and reply to comments on my blog. Overall, I want to be able to interact more with the community. 

I have faith in myself that I’ll be able to do all of this without jeopardizing any parts (school & blog) with consistent organization and a lot of work but I’m hoping it’ll be worth it in the end. 

Will any changes be happening in your life recently? How do you manage your time usually?


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