How To Work for Your Blog While Procrastinating

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There’s days when I want to be productive but I don’t really feel like it, I want to blog and do stuff but I don’t really feel like it. I kind of do but I kind of don’t. On the days I need to do stuff and be productive but I don’t really want to sit and write for hours, I do other things that still count as blogging but aren’t really blogging.

This might sound a tiny bit confusing unless you’re going through that state of mind at these exact moment but blogging isn’t only about taking photos and typing (we know that better than anyone else). Even when you don’t feel like doing those things, there are still others things you can do for your blog. Here’s what.

1. Look through Pinterest

Whenever I’m looking through Pinterest I always come up with new ideas for blog posts, new combinations of props I might use on photos or even articles that can help me understand an issue I’m not so keen on such as SEO and ways to improve my blog analytics.

2. Find new fonts

Something I’ve struggled for months and months was to find a font that I would actually enjoy using on my photos. Only recently I managed to find the combination that works for me and that suits my style. 1001 Fonts is the website to keep entertained on that job for an entire afternoon.

3. Adjust old blog posts

Tell me I’m not the only one who does read old blog posts every once in a while! Adjusting an old blog posts that you might not like as much now or add in new information you didn’t have at the time is always great and it can help you generate traffic to your older blog posts.

4. Take part on Twitter chats

This is probably the best way to instantly interact with others blogs, understand different opinions on issues and discover new blogs that might interest you. It can also drive tons of traffic to your blog because the same way you’re visiting new blogs, others are visiting yours. It’s a win-win!

5. Find new blogs to read

When having a look on Bloglovin’ or reading through the comments on others blogs, I always find new blogs that I end up loving. This is always a boost in my inspiration and motivation to blog and interact with others.

6. Comment on recent blog posts

When was the last time you comment on that blog you read every day? For me it’s easy to fall into the habit of reading the blog post and not saying anything which isn’t positive. It’s great to leave a comment with your opinion and letting the author know that you enjoy their work.

7. Take a look at old photos

Ugh, what photo is that? There’s been so many times that thought has gone through my mind. It’s not unusual for me to look back on old photos and hate them so something you can do is select those you want to get rid of and replace with new ones.

8. Read about blog improvement

Reading articles/blog posts on things I want to improve on my blog is a great way to actually work on it. I love to read blog posts on photography as it’s such a big part of blogging and one that I struggle sometimes. Learning new things is always a plus.

9. Redesign your blog

Years back I used to spend hours and hours changing my blog around purely because I was bored. This took me to a place where I was actually really happy with the look of my blog at the time.

10. Plan new blog posts

When I don’t feel like writing any blog posts, I love to plan new ones. A bit contradictory I guess but hey, it boots my inspiration to another level. I get really excited about those new ideas and something it even gets me to typing them straight away.

What do you suggest for these days? Do you usually do any of these?


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