How To Find Inspiration & Blog Post Ideas

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Pinterest board from Mandy Ferrugia

We all have those days when inspiration is nowhere near us. We need ideas, we need to write but there’s nothing in our creative minds. It’s time to seek out some inspiration and find new blog post ideas.

Leave that environment and have fun

Sometimes we just need to disconnect from all the technology to be able to think properly again. Going for a simple walk can be so rejuvenating that new ideas can start popping on your head in a second. Enjoy life!

Listen to your readers

If you read carefully every comment you have on your blog, some new ideas for blog posts might be hiding in there. Readers have their preferences and sometimes they leave it in the comments, you just have to look carefully.

Have something visual that can inspire you
Vision boards are out there at the moment. There’s tons of ways of creating them and to adapt it to your personality but if you’re not into that. Have magazines on your work place. Pictures, quotes, anything visual that can inspire you.

Look at what you’ve done before
Is there any blog post that did really well? What about a part two or an update on something? It’s always an easy way to find a new idea when you’re really stuck.

Search around Pinterest
This is one of my favourite social media platform when it comes to inspiration (Instagram is also a great one). You can find inspiration for new blog posts, new ways of creating beautiful images and help from other bloggers. One of my favourite boards on Pinterest is Blogging from Mandy Ferrugia (the girl from A Girl, Obsessed).

Catch up with your fav blogs
Reading favourite blogs are always a way of keeping inspiration on top for me. To see what they have been doing, what they have been loving and what they have been writing about. Don’t copy them, just use them as inspiration. You can also write a blog post replying/commenting on theirs!

Save helpful blog posts for the future
Paula from Thirteen Thoughts wrote “113 Ideas for a Blog Post” & “113 More Blog Post Ideas” so that you can always find something to write about when inspiration isn’t there. This type of posts are always a massive help & that’s why you should keep those links somewhere when you can quickly and easily find them.

What do you think it’s the easiest way to find blog post ideas when you’re lacking in inspiration?

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