How To Effectively Organise Your Blog Ideas

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For a long time I didn’t know what was the best way to organise all those ideas running through my head. I didn’t know what to do with them and I certainly did not know how to organise them in a way I could easily use them when needed.

This is purely the way I do it & how I think it works best for me. Each person is different so if you think your method is way better and more efficient, share it in the comments and let’s all learn something new!

After a long time I realised I had to have everything I needed in the same place and that’s when I adopted this method. All my blog ideas (even those I might never use), my blogging schedule and the structure of each post are in the same notebook.

 I always keep a page where I can write every single idea that comes to my mind even if after five minutes I end up hating it. Whenever I run out of fresh ideas for the blog, I check that enormous list on the haunt for a great idea that I might have forgotten about. Once I use that idea I highlight it in green so that I can easily understand each ones I can use and each ones I’ve already used.

Then I skip to my month planner. I also write the name of the month on top, a kind-of-not-so-great calendar of that month and I circle what days I want to have post going up. Below that I write down each date so that I can write what blogpost I’m writing for each day. This is how I plan my blogposts through the months. Once I’ve completed the blogpost, I highlight it in pink.

I’m all about pen and paper (but I have a blog online, I know) which means I always have to write down on my notebook all the topics I want to mention in the blogpost so that I can easily remember all of them once I’m typing away on my Word document. The title of the blogpost is highlighted in yellow and then I write all the topics with a pencil (easier to erase any mistakes). I always highlight the title because sometimes I can write more than one blogpost on each page.

At the moment, I find this the best way of organising all my blog ideas as well as planning each month. Some people might open that notebook and think it looks a disaster but it has everything I need and I can find everything I’m looking for very easily which is exactly what I need.

How do you organise your ideas for blogposts/plan everything? I want to know everything so that I can also improve my own method!


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