5 Things I've Struggled With on My First Year

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Struggles at University
Whenever it comes to my mind that my second year at Uni will start soon I just can’t believe how quickly the first year went. I remember as if it was yesterday the butterflies all over my stomach on my first day. The scary thoughts of not being able to make friends or not being able to understand a thing teachers would say. It’s a scary world and I felt like a lost baby at first.

1. Talking to people

For the first time in years I was surrounded by people I didn’t know. Every single face in front of me was new, I didn’t have any friends or anyone I fairly knew that I could pretend to be friends with for the first few days. Talking to strangers? Just thinking about words would make me nervous but I did it. Don’t fool yourself, it will always be awkward on those first few attempts of introducing yourself but it will work. I made some incredible friends.

2. Being more independent

When I was in school, my parents would take care of the problems for me even when I didn’t want to because I was a minor. Suddenly I was responsible for everything that had to be taken care of. Signing papers, making decisions, it was all on me and I thought I’d never be able to handle it but I did and you will as well once you’re in the same position I was. After a few days, it will be fairly easily, trust me.

3. Long journeys by myself

During high school I would walk 2 minutes with my friends and boyfriends to the school and that was it. It was incredibly close from home and I’d never be alone as my friends lived nearby as well. Oh, 40 minutes to get to University? And all by myself? You can’t be serious. This is nothing compared to those of you who to move from home and go live by yourself but to me it was a change and it was difficult for me to get used to it for the first few months.

4. Bigger spaces

For the first few weeks Uni was a scary place. I had no idea where which class was going to happen. Do we have to go to another building now? What about lunch? Where can I eat? Where’s the toilette? I hadn’t being in this situation for 6 years which means the least time it happened I was 12. Just a child and now I have to deal with it again? Kill me. Eventually I got used to being lost and then I started being lost with my friends and everything worked out. It doesn’t mean we don’t get lost pretty much every single day yet… we just don’t do it alone now.

5. Learning how to study…again

I had been a good student all my life (not bragging) and suddenly I felt lost (I think this was my general feeling for those first weeks), classes were happening at speed of light and I couldn’t keep up with everything. Everything was so quicker but I wasn’t being any quicker at all. My study methods were slowing me down and every day I had more and more stuff do to. I had to take a step back and rethink everything I thought I knew about studying. I had to change my methods and adjust to every subject. 

What were your biggest struggles on your first year? If you're not there yet, what are your biggest fears?


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