5 Happy Things in September | 2016

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September is coming to an end. Can you believe there’s less than three months until Christmas? Time is going way too fast but today is the day I reflect about this month and have a little throwback to my happiest moments.

Half of the month I was still on Summer holiday and the other half… Well, my long evenings without doing nothing are pretty much over. University started again and this is my second year (“Starting My 2nd Year at Uni: What Now?”) but it doesn’t mean the fun is over!

  • I had a picnic with my parents and my boyfriend by the river and it was such a relaxing day. We pretty much dumped our phones in a bag and just had fun. It was such a different day from usual and it was awesome to step away from the craziness and business of the city.
  • I started using contact lenses. Ok, you might be thinking that’s not a big deal but for a long time I thought I’d never be able to do it because of the can’t-touch-my-eyes thing. I did & I’ve actually been adapting pretty easily. This was one of my goals for this year (“5 Things I Want To Do In 2016”) which means task is complete!
  • It was one of my best friend’s birthday this month and we went out for dinner with tons of her friends and we stayed in a bungalow for the night. We played cards, we talked and we laughed so much. It was so much fun. It’s definitely a birthday to remember for years!
  • School starting again can be a nightmare for some people but to be honest in my subconscious I was pretty damn excited to go back. I love Summer holidays, don’t get me wrong but I was already tired of not having what to do. Going back means I spend a lot more time with my friends and we always have tons of fun so it’s always nice!
  • Starting my bullet journal! For months & months I wanted to start my own but I always thought it would look so crap that I wouldn't even want to look at it! Ok, it's not looking its best but it's not that bad! Besides, I have been loving filling it everyday!
What made you feel happy this month? I want to know!


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