3 Things I Want To Improve About Myself

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When I think of perfect, I might be imagining something completely different from you. That’s how we work, we all have different visions on things. I’m not perfect in my honest and modest opinion which means there’s always things I can improve.

I’m way more about the way a person is than the way a person looks (even though it counts as well, don’t say it doesn’t) and that means I worry more about my flaws in terms of behaviour and personality. So here’s a few things I want to improve about myself:

1. Be more patient.

I’m one of those people that loses their patient way to quickly and I hate it. I'm not saying I get violent or anything like it, I just get really annoyed when people make me wait for them or when I'm explaining something and they don't seem to get it no matter how many times I repeat it. I’ve been trying to get better at it but it’s especially hard with the people I’m most comfortable with. 

2. Be more independent.

I always do my own stuff. I’ve always been one of those kids in school that does all the work and projects without asking for any help because it was my work and that way I could actually control it. However, when I have to go somewhere to run any errands, I beg to every God not to go myself. Why? I just don’t like to go myself and honestly I could get so much more done if I wasn’t like this.

3. Be more positive and believe more in my capabilities. 

Now that Uni is starting again soon, I do need to practise on these quite seriously. I can be so negative about certain things and Oh, this is never going to work and Oh, I’ll never be able to do it, that it gets me really down. It’s almost like a vicious circle and I don’t to ever fall in it again.

What things would you like to improve about yourself? Any tips?


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