What I Missed The Most About Blogging

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After a long break it’s time to talk about it. When I suddenly stopped blogging for two months I made a choice I don’t regret but that was difficult for me to make. I missed a bunch of things I never thought were such a big part of my daily life & today I’m talking you through them.

When I took my little break I didn’t only pressed pause on the writing posts activity. I pressed paused on my connection with the blogging community. I was out of Twitter chats I was completely out of Twitter, I didn’t read any blog posts from the bloggers I love the most and I didn’t even answer some of the comments people had left on my posts which I feel incredibly bad for. I feel that I might have let down some of my readers but I know for sure I did let down myself.

Blogging is probably the only thing in my life that requires effort but that I keep on doing with joy and I never wanted to lose that. Even though I thought I did for a little while. I took the break because I couldn’t keep up with blogging and doing my University exams at the same time. Pressure got to me and I couldn’t face it the way I wish I had. While that time I truly missed a few things that definitely define this community.

  • Reading supportive and honest comments on blog posts. Not only on my blog but also on others because it amazes me how supportive people can actually be & how can make someone’s day better with simple words.
  • Reading well writen blog posts. The thing it made me start my own blog. Reading blog posts keeps me inspired and motivated to try to do better and better every day.
  • Editing photos. The nightmare it can be. We all know that but it’s also one of my favourite parts of blogging. Being able to edit my photos to the best I can & know that this one photo would look as good with that editing.
  • Using my creativity to improve my photography. Something I’ve been doing since I started blogging. We always have something else we can learn. There’s always something that can be improved & that keeps me going.
  • Commenting on blog posts. I am eternally grateful for the words of support I read on my little corner on the internet and I love to send it back. Leave a nice and honest comment on a blog post simply because you like it & you can.
  • Twitter chats. Oh, the old Twitter chats. I’ve been on quit a few so far & I’ve always loved that. It’s a great way to share opinions and to maybe make new friends. I swear those hours always run by.
  • Feeling inspired. With so much I left behind it’s not surprise that my inspiration went down the toilette. When I wanted to come back I just couldn’t do it. It was like I had never to write about, I had nothing to tell. I felt I had lost my voice.

These were the things I missed the most while I was away. I know that some people think the blogging community is more and more negative each day but to me is the opposite. Maybe you just have to surround yourself with positive people and send positive vibes to others as well.


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