How To Wash Your Hair Less Often

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How long can you go without washing your hair?” People always pull their surprise face when I say I can go 4-5 days without washing my hair. Then comes the following question “How do you do it?

It isn’t has hard as you might think it is. My hair rarely goes greasy which a massive help but that also means it feels very dry. There are a few easy ways that helped me go longer without washing my hair & it can help you too.

The benefits that come from it.

There isn’t a thing in our bodies that doesn’t have its own purpose and same goes with the oil produced by your scalp, it’s there for protection. Washing away that oil every single day means your hair won’t be as protected and consequently less healthy and it won’t grow as fast.

Change your washing schedule. 

Don’t go crazy with this one. You can’t go from washing your hair every day to washing it every four or five days in a week. Not even your hair can cope with such change. Start by skipping one day & once your hair is used to it skip two and keep going.

Consider your lifestyle.

When I know I won’t be leaving the house the next day, I won’t bother wash my hair. This can be helpful for those who think they can’t skip one day. Tomorrow is Sunday, you won’t be leaving the house then don’t wash your hair.

Stop touching it!

The more you touch your hair, the more oil it will produce. It can be a hard habit to break but it is definitely worth a try. When I’m going through anxious times, I touch my hair way too much so I have to wash it more often as it produces more oil than usual.

Take advantage of the trend. 

Braids and up-do hairstyles are trending this summer so use it in your favour. It’s much easier to style your hair the days after you wash it and those hairstyles are also a way to hide the not so shiny second/third day hair.

Take it easy with all the products. 

Some people use tons of different products on their hair no matter its condition. Have you ever thought that maybe your hair doesn’t need that many products? The more you use, the quicker your hair will get dirty.

I have been doing this steps for a few years now and I promise you it works. Your hair will slowly get used to your new habits. I used to wash my hair every two days and slowly I got to a point where I can go four days without washing it.

How long can you go without washing your hair? What others tips to you have that can help this process?


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