5 Happy Things in August | 2016

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Let’s keep it positive and reflect about the good things that happened in this last month. It might seem difficult with all the negativism the world is facing due to the last few disasters that have been happening lately but it’s worth a try.

August flew by. I know we all say that every single month. But seriously, where is time gone? It was like yesterday I finished my Uni exams and soon I’ll be back again, please no. Even though I barely saw August, it was a pretty good month full of exciting things!

  • With more free time to kill, I got closer to some of my friends and we did really have such an amazing time. We had so much fun doing simple things such as going to the beach, having a cheeky little dinner at McDonald’s or playing cards. Life was so easy on those moments.
  • Going to a quiet village in the North of the country with two of my friends was awesome as we were able to relax and step away from the crazy rhythm of the city we’re all used to. We didn’t even have internet and let me tell I thought I was going crazy in the first day!
  • I got out of the house a lot more and I allowed myself to enjoy my time without having negative thoughts crossing through my mind. Sometimes it’s really hard to fully relax.
  • I went to the Biological Park in my city (Gaia Biological Park) for a day and I had lots of fun walking around, exploring nature and seeing tons of animals we don’t usually see. We had such a great time that we actually lost track of time. When we left the security was kind of already waiting for us to leave!
  • I got to spend an afternoon with my baby cousin. Honestly, kids are such a great company, they totally make you not think about the day-to-day problems that consume you every day. We had so much fun. We laugh a lot and that’s always a happy thing.
What things have you done this month that actually made you happy? It can be anything, even a simple ice cream!


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