5 Happy Things in July | 2016

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After going through some times when my thoughts were mainly negative, I wanted to start doing something that would make me remember the entire month and think of all the good things that happened on that month. 5 Happy Things in July is the first post of the new “series” I’m hopefully keeping up with.

  • I passed all my University exams and with better results than what I initially expected and that actually makes me really proud of myself because I know I worked really hard for it.
  • I went on countless night walks with my family around the city and I loved it because it makes you step away from the crazy rhythm we usually live in.
  • I finally changed my room! I painted my walls white and got rid of the boring lilac and I also changed my room’s furniture and these were two things I wanted to do this year (“5 Things I Want To Do in 2016”) alongside with passing all my exams! 
  • I went to spend the day on the village where my dad was born and I had such a lovely time in such a calm environment! I loved it! 
  • My cousin and her boyfriend got married just two days ago and their baby was baptized in the same day which was really cute!
This month was full of actual amazing things and moments that I am for sure going to remember for many many years. I want to know what things made you feel happy this month and hopefully we can spread some positivity together!

Love, Rita

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