8 Things My Mum Has Taught Me | Happy Mother's Day

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Today is Mother’s Day is Portugal and what better day to write about my mum? I wanted to share with you a few Things My Mum Has Taught Me through my entire life and that I thank every day. I honestly can’t imagine my life without me mum and I do really recognise how much she does for me and I just wish that one day I’ll be as altruist as she is. These are simple things that I really try not to forget.
  • Sometimes you have the sacrifice smaller things in order to achieve the bigger ones.
  • You can ask for an opinion all the time but the final decision should always be yours.
  • If some people don’t care about you, you should care about them but sometimes you will.
  • You can always count on me when you need it.
  • When wearing brand new shoes, you should never take them off otherwise you won’t be able to walk once you put them on again.
  • When things don’t work out the way you wished, move on and try even harder next time.
  • When the pressure is too much, take some time for yourself.
  • Give your best in everything you do!
Leave me in the comments something that your mum has taught you and that you consider a valuable lesson!
Love, Rita

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