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Sharing our thoughts about blogging is a common thing in our community and we all know that some people find blogging incredibly weird and there’s even those who think it’s horrendous the fact that blogging can actually be a job. But have we actually heard what people around us have to say about blogging? What they think blogging means to us and how they see the bloggers who are friends with them or friends who are bloggers?

I asked my boyfriend and two of my best friends to tell all of us what they think about the blogging community, what a blog is to them and how they see bloggers in general. This is what they said…

My boyfriend: « Honestly I have no idea of what being a blogger is like. I’ve never done it before but I suppose it’s something quite challenging as you have to reinvent yourself over and over again to always be on trend and to always have followers. Sometimes I believe it can be a bit despairing when you can’t find the necessary inspiration to write a new post. I know that for my girlfriend her blog is almost like her little baby and everything has to be perfect, which I actually understand. She’s very perfectionist with everything she does but you can only achieve success with persistent and care.»

A friend: «Hi everyone! My gorgeous friend Rita asked me to tell you how I feel about blogs and what being a blogger is for me so that’s what I’m here to do! To be honest I’m not really into the world of blogging, meaning that I don’t really understand it. For me a blog is like a public diary where people share their feelings, emotions, advice or just stuff they like. For example, the few blogs I follow are about fashion, food and art. In my perspective, a blogger should be someone with passion and should really love what they do because writing something every day or every week takes time, imagination and devotion to the blog and to their followers so I think we need to value those people! They share amazing things with us and we must appreciate them and maybe share something back, I bet they love to hear their followers’ feedback! And that, dear Rita’s followers, was my opinion about blogs :)»

A friend: «Creating a blog never really crossed my mind but I’ve always loved reading a few! Honestly, I used to think that being a blogger was pretty easy and simple but now that I know a tiny bit more about this world I understand how hard is to run a blog in order to be successful! I think bloggers are a really interesting way of getting to know new perspectives on things and a way of learning with others’ experiences, I’ve learned quite a lot with some blogs and I’m sure I’ll keep learning more and more!»

When I read these three paragraphs I was actually a bit surprised. I know that a lot of people love reading blogs otherwise some of us wouldn’t be making a living out of it but I never thought this was their perspective on our little and gigantic world. I think people are finally realising that what they see and read in five minute took us a lot longer than that to put together. Have you ever asked anyone what they think of blogging and how they see us and what we do?

Love, Rita

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