The Ones I Saved #3: Reflecting and Thanking What We Have

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It’s “The Ones I Saved” time! I am finally writing this post after so many days of postponement. I’ve been so busy and maybe a bit disorganised with Uni at the moment that it wasn’t easy to find a time to put together all my favourite posts from the past weeks. As usual the third episode of “The Ones I Saved” has a bit of everything including fashion which is something a bit rarer around here!

If there’s any of you that hasn’t heard of Kylie Jenner and her lips, you probably have been living under a rock because that girls seems to be running the world at the moment. If you want to achieve a similar look for a much cheaper price, you should read “Kylie Jenner Lips On a Budget”. Some other beauty related posts I absolutely loved reading were “7 Easy Ways To Speed Up Your Morning Beauty Routine”, “Battle of the Base | Mac Paint Pot Vs. Catrice Prime and  Fine”, “When I Didn’t Wear Makeup for a Week”.

If you have been around for a little while, you probably have noticed already that I love reading tips about absolutely everything and of course this post wouldn’t be mine if I didn’t include some helpful posts in it! I loved “Powerful Marketing Tools Every Blogger Should Use”, “How To Be More Positive”, “The Art of Making and Managing Time”, “How To Spring Clean Your Blog” and “Being Productive After a Break”.

As blogging is a big part of my life, I had to include as well “Why It’s Ok Not To Love Blogging All The Time”, “5 Reasons I’ll Click Follow”, “Blogging With a Full Time Job // How I Do It and You Can Do It Too”, “How To Fall Back in Love with Your Blog” and “Introducing #stlbloggers – Exciting News Big Ideas”.

A post that completely melted my heart and made my entire day was “Blogger of The Month (March 2016): A Bittersweet Diary”. When I read Chloe’s post, my heart just melted. I never thought a complete stranger could say such amazing words about me and my blog and it made me realise why I love blogging so much and why I keep doing it. Blogging is not about the numbers, it’s about that ONE person you can help by writing such simple posts that spread positivity. Thank you so much, Chloe!

Have you read any of these posts? What type of posts do you like to read the most?
Love, Rita


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