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Who ever said blogging was easy and effortless, clearly didn’t try to do it regularly. Blogging is not my goal life at the moment, it’s my hobby and I do it because I want to and I have fun doing it but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to put any effort into it or that I won’t try my best to post regularly and on the days I planned to. 

In the beginning, blogging regularly was a nightmare. I didn’t have any ideas, I couldn’t think of anything to write about and I certainly had no idea of how I wanted my voice to be around here. With experience and from watching other bloggers I’ve learnt many simple tricks that can help but my main focus is to have a routine.

Finding ideas

When there’s a lack of inspiration, the blogging world stops spinning. I haven’t seen myself running out of ideas in a very long time because I always manage the ones I have. There are weeks when ideas will be popping on your mind like crazy and some other weeks, well, it’s just empty. I save most of the ideas I have when I feel inspired for those moments when I don’t feel inspired. If today I come up with 10 different ideas for blogposts, it means I’ll have almost four weeks done because my blogging schedule is to post three times a week. It’s all about balance. Something I didn’t know it existed in the beginning of everything. At the moment, I’m writing post on ideas I had months ago and that’s how it all works for me. I have ideas weeks and weeks in advance so that I’ll never feel stuck.

Choosing the ones I love the most and planning

Every three to four weeks I sit down with my agenda and I look through all the ideas I’ve written down in the past weeks. I choose my favourites and the ones I want to have on the blog soon. After having selected all the ideas I want, I’ll plan them for each of the following weeks. I always try to vary between beauty, lifestyle and blogging posts so that I won’t do just beauty post on a certain week and then only lifestyle post on the next one. I try to plan when each post will be going up but I don’t necessarily stick to it until the end. It’s just a way of being prepared because if I feel like posting about something else, I will.

Taking photos

Every Saturday I take a look at the posts I have planned for the following week and decide if I want to make any changes or not. After tiding all my ideas in the right places, I try to picture how every post is going to be and how I’d like the photo for that post to look like. I get my camera and I start shooting. Every Saturday I take around 200 knowing that in the end I’ll be uploading only 3 to 4 photos but that’s the life of a blogger, we all know that!

Editing photos

If I have plenty of free time of the weekend, I’ll probably edit the photos for the three posts of the week but if I don’t, I’ll edit them throughout the week. I usually edit my photos 1 to 2 days before uploading.

Writing the actual post

Before putting into words and phrases that actually make sense, I write down with pen and paper (yes, I’m still old-fashioned on that and very proud of it!!) the topics I want to talk about and what are the major things I want to mention. After that I jump into Word and start tipping away. I usually do that 1 to 2 days before hitting publish so that I can check everything and spot some mistakes. Of course most of them, I’ll only see once I’ve actually published the post but, oh well, who hasn’t gone through that before?

Promoting the post

I always post at 8am GTM and I’ll promote my post for the first on Twitter around 9am as I find that to be one of the most useful times for me to do it. I’ll keep promoting the post during the week as well as recent posts I’ve uploaded but everything would be easier if I could schedule those tweets but I haven’t yet found an app that I actually like. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Do you have a similar routine to mine?

Love, Rita


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