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Blog statistics is probably one of the most controversial topics on the blogging community. Some admit that blog statistics are everything, some seem not to care and others don’t say anything about it. For a long time I struggled with statistics, I wasn’t happy with the way things were going and every time I’d look at those numbers, I’d get more and more down until I said “NO”. That vicious circle couldn’t not continue, those numbers were making me not enjoy what I was doing and my blog was losing its essence.

I asked some of you on Twitter what blog statistics means to you and this is what you told me!

Saara said… (@SaaraSofiaBlog / http://saarasofia.com)

“During the first few months of blogging I paid no attention to statistics whatsoever. Blogger would show me my daily page views and I'd be like "oh cool, 5 page views." and that was it. I had absolutely no idea tools such as Google Analytics even existed and I was honestly just happy to get a few page views per day. But as time has gone by I've become more interested in stats. They tell you a lot about your blog, you know, what kinds of posts people like to read, how much time people spend on your site etc. That information is extremely useful when improving your site and content, and trying to figure out where to go next. However, I don't think statistics are everything especially if you blog as a hobby. Even when it comes to working with brands stats aren't that big of a deal. That, of course, depends on the brand in questions but generally with smaller brands stats aren't the world. To sum it up, I pay a fair amount of attention to stats but I don't let them stress me out too much. Sure I sometimes get frustrated when a post doesn't do as well as I had expected it to but I'm not going to let that get in my way. If I ever decide to become a full-time blogger I'm going to have to pay closer attention to statistic but for now they're just numbers that go up and down and where ever they want to.”

John said… (@JohnRdToVol)

“Statistics to me is growth and development. How do you define growth without the stats to back it up? There also a key insight into knowing what blogs work and what don't and you're able to improve upon your writing. The stats quadrupled on my blog in September hitting 15k for a month and that gave me the urge to do more and to give my blog a revamp. Now I have a team of 11 bloggers working with me, it’s an opportunity to analyse individual stats and to mentor the team to become writers who are able to engage with a specific audience.”

Sara said… (@MaryBloomy / http://marybloomy.com

“Sooooo... statistics, it’s like a wave, it goes it comes back and you never know what to expect. One day I feel like it doesn't matter, I should say that happens most of the days, but sometimes I just feel like my blog sucks so much and that's why I have such lower viewing numbers, followers, etc. But then, I remember... I don't do as much as someone else to make it to the mouth of everyone, by this I mean I don't go to social media as often as I'm meant to if I want to be a successful blogger... After all this thinking I come to conclusion that if social media is not something I really care about I shouldn't try to care just to please my brain that is moved by numbers. So the most important thing is to stay positive and embrace the number, doesn't matter if its 100 or 5000, because at the end of the day, the number represents people, individual lives, someone who actually takes time to hit the follow button and even leave a nice comment. Someone who takes time to read the text and look at the picture that I putted so much effort into! That's what I think about statistics, it's not a number but people, and at the end of the day that's what really should matter!”

What blog statistics mean to me? Well, I’ve gone through time when I didn’t even know Google Analytics existed just like Saara and when I decided to set up an account everything was to overwhelming but I didn’t let that affect the way I looked at my blog and my feeling towards it. The blogosphere can be a crazy world sometimes and when you see people saying they get thousands of page views per week, it’s easy to start wondering if there’s something wrong with your blog.

A few months back, when I had my old blog running, I got stuck. I focused so much on statistics that I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing anymore. I was writing posts just for the sake of writing them and I soon started to feel unhappy about my blog and I think that those feeling somehow show through your posts and my blog statistics went even more down, the comments on my blogposts were even less and I knew I wanted to start fresh with one condition: I couldn’t let statistics affect me that way anymore.

Since the beginning of the year I’ve developed a new perspective on blog analytics and I started using them the way I should. I stopped wondering 24/7 about how today I got one less page view than yesterday. Those days are over. I only use statistics to understand what kind of posts are more successful on my blog. With time I understood that most of those numbers depend on the amount of time you spend promoting your blog on social media and I know that when those numbers drop, it’s because that week I rarely went on social media because I was so busy doing other things and that is ok.

Blog statistics might be important but aren’t everything. Loving what you do is important and it will show to others. Once you start doing something just for the sake of doing it, people will notice and will hate it. Do what makes you happy and don’t let those numbers break you or make you feel unhappy! You’re more than that.

What are your thoughts on blog statistics? I want to know!

Love, Rita

P.S: I want to thank everyone that took some of their time to help write this blogpost. I’ll be doing more similar blogposts to this in the future where you can be included to. If you don’t want to miss follow me on Twitter so that you know when it’s time to get involved!


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