5 Things Can Make Me Not Follow Your Blog

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When you’re new to this blogging world it can be hard to figure out what you’re doing wrong or what to change on your blog in order to have a more positive feedback but it’s not that difficult. Think about what you’d like to see, what other blogs you do enjoy reading and start learning from others. Today I’m sharing 5 Things That Can Make Me Not Follow Your Blog.

No social buttons

How can someone want people to follow their blog if there’s no social buttons? At least nowhere I can see them. People always say blogging has no rule but let me tell there’s at least two. The first one is enjoying what you’re doing and the second one is having visible social buttons on your blog if you want to grow a following! There’s nothing more simple that than now that Bloglovin has made it even easier by creating clickable buttons that you can place pretty much everywhere and anywhere you want.

No regular posts

I’ve seen this happen many times. Someone follows my blog and I check theirs. It seems to be a good quality blog, with nice pictures and the posts seem to be interesting apart from the fact that the last one is from December. If you want people to follow, you can’t post once in a century. When I talk about posting regularly, I don’t mean you have to do it everyday because that’s damn hard but now when you’re going to post and try to establish a schedule so that others can know when you’re posting something new.

Bad quality photos

My photos were not even near good quality when I started blogging and even nowadays I still question myself sometimes but I’m slowly improving just like everybody else around here. Show people that you want to improve. Don’t show them bad quality photos after 6 months of blogging or even worse: don’t use photos you’ve just found on Instagram when having a boring day. You don’t have to be a professional but show improvement!

Reviews with two lines

The blogs I’ve seen with ridiculously small reviews is probably countless right now. Beauty bloggers have grown so much in the past few years because people can trust them and can get to know more about the products besides what they can read in the label. Always remember that. Once you write your review, it might seem too long, it might seem like it has too many details. It doesn’t. When people look for reviews, they want details, they want to know more!

Confusing designs

Less is more. Always. Don’t go for a crazy design just because it looks cool. It can hurt the eyes. There has been times when I couldn’t even finish reading the post because my eyes would hurt. Choose colours for the titles but play safe on the actual body of the post: black writing on white background or even a dark grey writing can go well. Having a simple design where people know where to find things is always the best solution!

What things can make you not follow a blog?
Love, Rita


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