How To Be More Organised & Productive

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How many times have you told yourself and others "I don't have time"? Probably way too many. In the last few years I've learnt a lot about organising my days and being in control of my life and I know what things help me achieve everything I want. 

Today I'm sharing with you all 6 tips that help me and that will hopefully help you being more organised and productive! The tips I’m about to give you will only work if you are motivated and try hard to get better. Everything is about practising and trying harder every day. 

Clean your work space | To me a clean space always means a clean mind and having a mess around me makes me feel suffocated. Whenever I feel like I’m losing the track of things and that I’m not being as productive as I could, I clean my desk area and my room. That way I feel like my desk is actually a place where I can properly work and I won’t have many things distracting me. 

Organise in categories all your paper work | Most of the times my desk is a mess is due to the amount of paper work laying in there. Organising all your paper work once you get home after a long and tiring day might not be the thought that comes to your mind but by doing a little bit every day, you won’t have to spend an entire morning doing it next weekend. Once you organise everything and know where everything important is, it will be easier to concentrate and focus on the tasks you have in hands at the moment. 

Create a checklist | Classic and cliché: creating a list. Seriously, if you haven’t done it yet, you need to. I’m slowly creating the habit of writing down everything I need to do in that day either in that morning or the night before and by adding a little space for you “check” once you complete the task is an amazing way to push yourself to actually complete everything. This way you’ll have a clear idea of all the tasks you need to do and you’ll be more motivated to complete them. 
  • Don’t forget to include all the little things such as taking shower, printing a document, painting your nails, preparing lunch. Making a list with only the most “important” things will make you feel like those are all the things you need to do when that isn’t true! 
Prioritise the most important tasks | Completing the easiest and quickest tasks before my seem appealing but if you do it that way all the time, you’ll get to the point when you won’t have time to actually do the main and most tiring task. In my case, I always prioritise school work and I know that blogging will have to way until I finish the other things. 

Organise your time and plan your days | School work might be more important than blogging but you can’t take photos during the night but you can finish your school work at that time, right? Ok! Plan your days! The days when I need to take photos, I get up a bit earlier because I know that will take me time and that I will need to work until later to get all the other things done. Usually in the morning I do blogging things and in the afternoon/night I do school work. If I have a lot of work to do, I won’t be doing anything for the blog that day. 

Avoid procrastination and reward yourself | The times I said “It’s just ONE video” and I’ve spent the entire day watching YouTube videos are countless but those day are almost over! What I usually do now is rewarding myself whenever I complete one important task: “Once I finish studying this subject, I can watch YouTube videos for 30 minutes”. This method of working and allowing myself small breaks makes organising my time a lot easier as it helps me being more productive. 

What tips do you have to being more organised and productive? Have you ever tried any of these? 

Love, Rita

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