Have I Accomplished My Blogging Goals?

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The beginning of this year was special: I posted for the first time on this blog and it all started with some blogging goals I wanted to accomplish. It’s now the beginning of March which means that two entire months are gone so I wanted to reflect on how I have been doing and if I’ve been achieving my blogging goals.

Do at least one giveaway. It didn’t happen yet! I had planning on doing a giveaway on the beginning of March which means now but I don’t feel like it’s the right time yet but I know I’ll be doing it in the future. Maybe around May or June?

Be more present on Twitter chats. This hasn’t been an easy one for me as when I’m busy, Twitter chats are the first thing I’ll cut from my day. Almost every week I’ve been participating in Twitter chats once or twice a week and as long as I do it at least once a week I’m happy with it!

Do more content that I’m truly proud of. I’ve been working really hard on improving my content and I feel that writing about something you truly care about helps a lot. I’ve been enjoying write so many of my blogposts and I’ve been a lot harsh on myself when it comes to what content I do upload. If I’m not happy with a photo or with the posts in itself, I won’t upload and I feel it makes a huge difference.

Improve my photography and be more creative with the backgrounds and props I use. I think I’ve been improving the quality of my photos but I haven’t been that much creative. I feel a bit trapped and I always end up doing what I know it will work so I haven’t been taking many risks.

Care less about statistics. I’ve been doing pretty well on this one, even though some days I still get down when I see nobody has interacted with my blog.

Take more time to properly promote my blog and my newest blogposts. Blogging is like a vicious cycle: I’m much happier with the content I’ve been uploading which means I feel more confident about sharing it on social media. I’ve been promoting my blogposts and my blog a lot more and I’ve finally understood how older blogposts can get you so much traffic!

Take my time to write every single blogpost and never rush them. I failed this. Initially I wanted to be a week ahead on writing/posting posts but that isn’t happening at all. I’m writing all of them one or two days before hitting publish and even though it hasn’t been affecting the quality of my posts, it makes me feel like I don’t have everything under control.

Comment more regularly on blogs I love. This I decided to start “The Ones I Saved”, I have been reading and commenting on a lot more posts that I used to and that really makes me happy.

Overall, I think I’ve been doing very well this year considering all the "Blogging Goals" I've set myself this year. I really want to write my blogposts at least 5/6 days before publishing but I don’t know if I’ll be able to stick to it. However, if I keep going this way, I’ll be happy with myself and feel accomplished!

Have you stick to your blogging/non-blogging goals for this year?
Love, Rita

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