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Finding a good drugstore foundation can be frustrating sometimes: not matte enough, too drying, doesn’t last, looks cakey and we could be here until tomorrow explaining why a certain foundation isn’t the right one. After trying a few foundations that weren’t right for me, I finally found one that I love that I have been using for months: Catrice All Matt Plus Foundation.

I have oily skin and everything gets worse once the warmer weather makes its appearance: the dewiness of a foundation can quickly become a disco ball and I don’t think that look suits me at all! The Catrice All Matt Plus foundation is an oil-free foundation which means it won’t your natural oiliness get worse and it claims to be mattifying and long-lasting. This is a light to medium coverage foundation which means you can build it to medium coverage but not to full coverage. If you have extreme redness or an awful and annoying spot on your face, it won’t completely cover it! Maybe a good concealer will help you with that but not this foundation. Saying this, I think it’s great for everyday wear as it doesn’t look heavy on your skin.

You can apply this foundation in different ways just like you can with any other foundations: using your hands, using a beauty sponge or using a makeup brush. I’ve tried all three and so far I prefer to apply it in my hands as it gives me a more flawless finish because you can really work the foundation onto your skin. When using a beauty sponge or a brush, it feels like the foundation doesn’t blend with your skin so well and it’s way too noticeable that you have foundation as it ends up lifting all your little facial hairs.

This foundation feels a little wet when applying but soon dries completely matte without looking too cakey which I like. This is probably the most long-lasting foundation I’ve ever tried as it lasts through the entire day (approx. 12 hours – I’ve never tested longer than that). You can expect most of your foundation coming off only when you remove your makeup at the end of the day but don’t expect it to be matte all those hours. If get a matte finish once you apply it and it will last for most part of the day but after a few hours, the oiliness of your skin will start to get noticeable if you have extremely oily skin or if the weather is warmer. You can quickly solve this problem by applying some translucent powder over the top.

  • It’s oil-free;
  • It’s long-lasting;
  • It doesn’t make me break out;
  • It doesn’t dry out your skin;
  • It sets really quickly.

  • There’s only 4 shades to pick from;
  • You can’t build it to full coverage.
Do you have any recommendations of foundations for oily skinned girls?
Love, Rita

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