19 Things I've Learnt in 19 Years

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Time goes by and sometimes it seems that we’re just living life without any purpose. We’re not. Grab a cup of tea and think about all the things you’ve learnt through the years: small things, big things and maybe irrelevant things for others.

As I turned 19 this last Tuesday I decided it would be a great opportunity to get me thinking about 19 things I’ve learnt through the years and while I was growing.

  1. If you really want to achieve something in life, you better work hard for it.
  2. You should never surround yourself with negative people as that will influence your thoughts and your perspective over life.
  3. You always have to remove your makeup before going to bed. Always!
  4. Sometimes people will simply grow apart.
  5. Never wear a new pair of shoes on a long day unless you really have to.
  6. Sooner or latter, hard work will always pay off.
  7. At some point you’ll meet people that you wish you had met before and people you wish you had never met.
  8. Clothes won’t look the same on everyone, never.
  9. If you like it and you think it looks good, wear it.
  10. Caring about what others think of you won’t take you far.
  11. Makeup is all about trial and error and some products just don’t work for you.
  12. Eating healthy and drinking water will only bring you benefits especially for your skin.
  13. Do whatever you want to do but listen to those who actually care about your happiness.
  14. Know that no matter how bad things might seem now, it will get better.
  15. Some people are worth the effort and you should realise that.
  16. Doing exercise can help you being more positive.
  17. Don’t hold on to the past, it won’t bring you anything new.
  18. Always take a chance even when you’re afraid to do so.
  19. Having positive thoughts will only bring more positive things into your life.
What was the biggest ever lesson you've learnt?
Love, Rita


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