100 Simple Things That Make Me Happy

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One of my personal goals for this year was to be more positive. My entire life I had more negative thoughts than positive ones. It was hard for me to believe that things would be fine, that nobody would be unhappy at the end but I’ve been slowly and successfully changing my way of thinking and of looking at things. I try to take the best of every moment and that has been making me happier.

Today I wanted to keep to positive vibes up and share with you 100 Simple Things That Make Me Happy and hopefully you can appreciate the small things as well!
  1. Hot cappuccino in the morning
  2. Forehead kisses
  3. Having dinner with my friends from Uni
  4. Freshly washed bedding
  5. Churros with nutella
  6. Oriental vanilla fragrances
  7. Drinking hot tea on cold days
  8. Cold and sunny mornings
  9. Reading a book on a rainy day
  10. Having hot chicken wraps with my mum
  11. Taking my makeup off after a long day
  12. Calm walks on the beach
  13. Watching beautiful sunsets
  14. Joking around with my boyfriend
  15. Swimming when the sun hits the pool
  16. Seeing people I love laughing
  17. American style pancakes with strawberries
  18. Hot chocolate on cold nights
  19. Joking around with my mum
  20. Chatting to my mum while having shower
  21. Watching my favourite TV show
  22. Listening to a new song and being obsessed with it
  23. Recalling childhood memories
  24. Homemade cookies
  25. Candles that smell amazing
  26. Meaningful quotes
  27. Recalling happy moments
  28. Going on holiday to somewhere calm
  29. Genuine comments on my blog
  30. When a photos looks amazing
  31. Looking good in photos
  32. Having dinner at my boyfriend's
  33. Singing happy birthday to someone
  34. Making my friends and family smile
  35. Having hot soup on really cold days
  36. Casual lunch at college with my favourite people
  37. Buying new clothes
  38. Trying new makeup
  39. Seeing someone I love succeed
  40. Feeling I have life under control
  41. Stepping out of my comfort zone and loving it
  42. Doing something to help others
  43. Feeling I help someone somehow
  44. Getting new followers on Bloglovin
  45. Reading "Your blog is amazing"
  46. Feeling motivated
  47. Classes that actually teach you something interesting
  48. Teachers that try to help you
  49. Going to the gym and feeling great about it
  50. Cuddling
  51. Receiving flowers
  52. Nailing someone's present
  53. Eating pizza
  54. Cooking with my mum
  55. Going food shopping with my mum
  56. Seeing my dad laugh
  57. Pranking my dad
  58. Funny snapchats from my friends
  59. Watching amazing Youtube videos from amazing people
  60. Greek yogurt with fruit
  61. Discovering new places
  62. Chatting to my God-mother
  63. When someone proves to know me well
  64. Doing good on Uni exams
  65. Genuine hugs
  66. Having a really pretty bag
  67. Classic and minimalistic watches
  68. Seeing my boyfriend laugh
  69. Making awesome plan with people I love
  70. Taking photos
  71. Writing
  72. Going for a walk in the park
  73. Seeing someone in love
  74. Seeing young children being taught how to swim by their parents
  75. Being creative
  76. Changing my room
  77. Reading amazing blogposts
  78. Seeing amazing bloggers succeed
  79. Daydreaming
  80. Good looking and inspirational Instagram feeds
  81. Watching a surprisingly good film
  82. Long and honest chats
  83. Planning blogposts
  84. Feeling supported by the people I love
  85. Buying presents for someone
  86. Eating my mum's caramel popcorns
  87. Having/buying cute stationery
  88. Singing in the shower
  89. Watching Disney films
  90. Discovering new fantastic bloggers
  91. Feeling that I can be myself around someone
  92. Having lunch and going shopping with my boyfriend
  93. Buying pretty homeware
  94. Having clear skin
  95. Receiving compliments
  96. Complimenting people
  97. Being involved in Uni projects
  98. Fresh and sunny Spring days
  99. Eating breakfast calmly
  100. Going out for dinner with my family
I'd love for all of you to write a post like this as well. It will make you think of little things you actually enjoy but you never take the time to fully appreciate. Tell me in the comments 5 things from my list that also make YOU happy!

Love, Rita

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