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I was doing some online shopping. “I’ll only add to my basket what I really need” said the girl who added 3 nail polishes to her basket when spotted them at 1€ each. Yes, I’ve seen good quality and inexpensive nail polishes before but I had never seen nail polishes at 1€. “Well, even if they suck, I didn’t waste that much money” I said and happily clicked “Confirm”.

When I saw the MUA Nail Polishes were at 1€ each and that had a cute and similar looking packaging to the Essie Nail Polishes, I knew I had to give them a try and see if they were worth anything. I didn’t make it easy for MUA when I picked two light pastel shades because those are the hardest to get it right but MUA didn’t fail me, at all. I picked Pistachio Ice Cream which is a gorgeous pastel green colour perfect for the following seasons, Lush Lilac which for me isn’t lilac but a very pale pastel pink and Plum Noir which is the typical berry shade that everybody loves to rock during Autumn and Winter.

This packaging is new for MUA as the nail polishes they have initially launched look a lot cheaper and bulky. There are 18 new shades and the three that I picked are in that selection. You only have 36 shades with this packaging a new more with the old one.

When these nail polishes arrived, I was more than surprise as I was not expecting anything like this..or this size. I was imagining them being the same size as the Essie nail polishes as the packaging is so similar but they’re not even comparable. The full size Essie Nail Polishes are 13,5ml while the MUA Nail Polishes are 6,2ml so they’re much smaller. This would probably annoy some of you but I honestly don’t mind as I prefer smaller nail polishes as I can use them up a bit more before they dry out. 

  • The size of the bottle isn’t to big making it easier to use up before drying out and to travel with;
  • 2 coats will give you a full opaque look even with the lightest shades;
  • Once applied on your nail, they dry very quickly;
  • They last around 6 days without any shipping when using a top coat.
  • The brush isn’t the best which can be tricky for some people when trying to achieve the flawless look;
  • There's only 36 shades to choose from.
Overall, I am really impressed with this nail polishes and I will definitely check out some other colours in the future. If you like to try new nail polishes, give these a go! Besides, MUA is a cruelty free makeup brand.

Have you ever tried these nail polishes? Which brand does your favs?
Love, Rita

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