The Sunday Post #2: The First Semester is Over

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About three weeks ago I shared with you how I felt about my University exams, how some of them didn’t go as I expected and how crap I felt about it even though I tried not to let it affect me a lot. Today is time to do an update on all those crazy exams and how I feel about it now.

If you haven’t read “How I Did With Uni Exams”, you should start by reading or most of today’s rambling won’t make any sense to you. As I wrote three weeks ago I had failed 2 of my exams which meant I would have to repeat them in the beginning of February and hopefully be able to do one that I didn’t even had the chance to do in January. I had already passed on Organic Chemistry and I was still waiting for my results on Biostatistics and Eating Habits and I passed both of them as well.

My biggest worry when repeating the monstrous practical exam that I had failed previously was if I was going to be able to control my nerves just enough so that I could at least think. It wasn’t easy but I did it and I passed. I want to thank everybody that left a comment on the blog giving strength and telling me that I could do it, it really helped me being more confident! As I passed the practical exam of Cellular and Molecular Biology on the morning of February 3rd. In that same afternoon I took the theoretical exam of the same subject and the moment I finished the exam I was sure I hadn’t done enough that would allow me to pass. I felt so frustrated because I knew I had worked hard for it but there was another exam that I had to take the next week and I had to focus on that one.

There were a few days that I couldn’t make it anymore. I felt the pressure and I didn’t feel capable of passing the exam (Human Anatomy I). I cried for the longest I felt like it and I pulled myself together after that because I needed to do it. I had to and once again I did it. I was so happy when the results came out that I didn’t want to believe. To make everything better I received the results of Cellular and Molecular Biology saying I had passed the theoretical exam as well. How? I don’t know but I could only smile.

I had honestly thought that I would have to repeat both subjects next year and that pulled me down so much that when I realised that I had done both and that I would never have to worry about it again I couldn’t believe it. Now the first semester is over and I know the second semester will be much different. It probably won’t be easier but I want to be more organized and take the most I can of every lesson so that I can take a moment to breathe once I get home. This semester’s schedule is always much better which makes me believe that I won’t be as tired as I was in the first semester. It’s all about being organised and I kind of neglected that in the first semester.

I’ve learnt that the most I panic, the hardest things get so just take it easy. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and remember that you can learnt a lot from failure too.
Love, Rita

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