The Ones I Saved #2: Feeling Blue & Blog Improvement

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It’s time for another “The Ones I Saved”! I was expecting to do one of these posts so soon but my feed has been over floating with amazing quality posts and it’s all on you! I always write down all the posts that I want to feature in this series and I got a full page so quickly, it’s insane. This episode has a bit of EVERYTHING.

Many of the posts I read are about blogging: blogging tips and what people think about blogging in general. One of my goals for this year was to improve my blog not only design and photography wise but also content wise and recently I’ve loved reading “How To Create Better Content” and “8 Ways To Make Your Blog Better”, “5 Ways To Use Your Stationery Productively”, “Why I Don’t Want To Be a Full-Time Blogger” and “How Blogging Affected My Life”, “7 Ways To Increase Your Blog Traffic”, “Basic HTML | HTML For Bloggers” and “Useful Tips Every Blogger Should Know”, “How I Find Inspiration For Blogposts” and “Things To Remember When You’re Feeling Blue About Blogging”.

When I’m not thinking of how I can improve my blog, I’m reading about my fellow bloggers’ beauty favourites and I absolutely loved reading “How Much is My “Face” Worth” and “My Everyday Makeup Look”. “Maybelline vs. Maybelline | Mascaras” was probably one of the most captivating review posts I’ve ever read along with “No7 Beautifully Matte Foundation”. “Project Pan That Product: update #4” is the fourth episode of a series I’ve been following and loving since the beginning and “If I Could Only Use 5 Brushes” made me think what if I could only actually use 5 brushes? Nuts!

When it comes to lifestyle posts I’ve loved and obviously saved into my Bloglovin’ account “A Few Ways To Tackle Anxiety” and “5 Tips For Learning To Drive When You Have Anxiety” , “6 Things You Should Never Say To a Person Dealing With Depression”, “Being Shy”, “5 Genius Ways To Save Time In The Morning” and “6 Things I’ve Learned While Living Abroad”. I’ve also enjoyed reading “3 Goals For January” as I think it’s amazing and a lot more motivating to set up monthly goals! As it’s almost the beginning of the third month of the year motivation isn’t always up high and that’s why I’ve loved “5 Things To Tell Yourself When Feeling Down”, “Why Failure is Important” and “Four Really Important Steps To Live by if You Want To Achieve Your Goals”.

Have you read any of these posts? What type of posts do you like to read the most?
Love, Rita

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