The Ones I Saved #1: Being Successful & Photography Tips

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Sharing my love for other blogs is something I’ve always enjoyed but creating a series where you share with everybody your favourite bloggers can become a little bit repetitive over time. This new series called “The Ones I Saved” is about sharing with you the posts that gave me joy to read or that have any useful advice you can take from it.

Most of us tend to read the same blogs over and over though and it never feels repetitive as there’s always something new popping on our feeds. Today’s post is all about the posts I’ve loved read since the beginning of the year.

The beginning of a new year always feels as a fresh start and that’s probably why some people challenge themselves with New Year’s Resolutions even though we all know how it is to stick to them. Considering this I’ve really enjoyed reading “20 Small Ways To Be Happier This Year”, “5 Habits You Need To Quit In Order To Reach Your Goals” and “How To Succeed With New Year’s Resolutions”.

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to be more positive about everything bad that might happen and more productive and that is why I enjoyed so much reading “13 Simple Ways To Improve Your Mood”, “How To Stay Sane, When Sh*t Hits the Fan” and “6 Productive Things To Do on a Snow Day”.

University has been running my world in the last few weeks and reading “Why I Have Decided to Go to University at the Age of 23” made me feel really inspired. Because some extra tips for being productive I read “Productive Habits to Get into For Working Smarter, Not Harder” and to remind myself of certain things we should never forget I saved “10 Things I Would Tell My Younger Self That School Never Taught Me”.

I always love reading posts related to blogging: how people feel, things they’ve learnt along the way, any tips they might have and that’s why I loved “Getting Bright & Airy Images in Winter”, “9 Things Nobody Tells You When You Start Blogging”, “A Beginners Guide To Photoshop & Editing”, “Five Benefits To Having Blogging Friends”, “10 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Blogger” and “How I Grew My Blog in a Few Months” that if you find interesting, you should also read “The Sunday Post #8 | Hello 2016, The Month My Blog Went Crazy & More” so that you read more about how Jasmine feels about her blogging grow so fast in such a short period of time! I found both these posts really interesting as I’ve never seen any blog grow this fast and I was really curious to see how Jasmine has been feeling about it.

Have you read some of these posts already? What are favourite types of posts to read?
Love, Rita

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