Pink Nails For Valentine's Day

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How could I go through Valentine’s Day without having a nail look dedicated to it? Not possible. I've always associated Valentine’s day with being cute rather than being sexy as I just think it’s a lot more fun and you can enjoy it whether you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or not. 

Surprise, surprise! This year I picked pink nails for Valentine’s Day and I loved how it turned out. I wanted to do something simple but special at the same time and I had never applied any kind of diamonds (fake ones obviously) on my nails so I was a bit scared at first but it’s actually really easy.

I really love light and pastel pink nail polishes and I think they look much better than bright pinks at this time of the year as Summer hasn’t come yet *sad face*. I chose the Mua Nail Polish in Lush Lilac and I’ve recently talked about these surprisingly good for 1€/£1 nail polishes that MUA has released and the packaging is extremely cute – bonus. I only had to apply two coats of it to achieve this full opaque look and I always leave the first coat dry completely before I apply the second one as it’s easier to apply and it dries quicker in the end.

The diamonds were bought on a one dollar store and I was a bit sceptical about buying them as I had no clue if they would stick to my nails at all. In the packaging it said I should apply it to my nails with glue which I thought it was a bit strange but thankfully I didn’t. I got an extra-large toothpick and applied a bit of nail polish in the end so that the diamond who stick to it and that way I could apply it to my nails. It’s fairly easy to do it. Once the diamond touches the nail polish it adders to it. I press it down gently and wait for it to try. I repeated this process three times on each ring finger and I loved the result.

To make sure the diamonds and the nail polish itself would stay in place I used the Essence The Gel Nail Polish in 01 Absolute Pure as a top coat. The combo of the MUA nail polishes and the Essence top coat lasts about 6 days without cracking or chipping. I have been doing everything normally and any of the diamonds have moved an inch which is amazing.

What nail look will you be doing this Valentine’s Day?
Love, Rita

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