Let's Talk #1: Self-Confidence

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Feeling sure about yourself and your abilities” is what you’re going to read if you search for the definition of Self-Confidence. Such a simple definition for something so complex. Something that can makes us feel awesome or it can makes us feel sh*t. That’s right. Today I wanted to talk to you about what is being self-confident and what self-confidence means to you and how some things can affect you the way you feel about yourself.

I asked some of you on Twitter what self-confidence means to you and this is what you told me!

Sophie said… (@Sophienderella / http://sophienderella.blogspot.co.at/)

“Well, self-confidence for me is the process of accepting yourself the way you are and learning not to depend on other people’s opinions. If you feel that way, people will notice and you will appear self-confident. There are two quotes I really love which helped me to get more confident. The first is “I don’t know the secret to success, but I know the secret to failure and it’s trying to please everyone else”. The other one is basically my favourite quote of all time “We have two lives. The second one begins when you realise you only have one”.”

Casey said… (@insideofmymessy / http://insideofmymessymind.blogspot.co.uk/)

“To me self-confidence is being happy and loving yourself and your body for you; not for anybody else.”

Tazhiana said… (@TazhiLuxe / http://tazhiluxe.com/)

“Self-confidence to me is being able to wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, really see all of your flaws and all of the good things about you and realise you’re pretty damn awesome. It’s being able to go outside, see all of the other beautiful people around you and recognise and acknowledge their awesomeness without letting it detract from your own.”

Laura said… (@thatniftyblog / http://laurakarimiller.wix.com/thatniftyblog)

“Self-confidence is knowing no matter where you’ve been, you know where you’re going.”

Samantha said… (@SamanthaCarraro / https://lbtthatlifestyle.wordpress.com/)

“To me self-confidence is looking in the mirror and not thinking “This sucks, I suck”. It’s being proud of the woman I’ve become, flaws included. Self-confidence is embracing every aspect of yourself and not caring about what everyone thinks because you already know you’re beautiful and that’s more than enough.”

“Self-confidence is being happy within yourself and not worrying about what other people have to say about you. Loving yourself inside and out.”

Anne said… (@annesmiless / http://annesmiles.com/)

“For me self-confidence is knowing that you have worth no matter what. It's having the courage to do what you want to do rather than trying to live up to other people's expectations. It's treating everyone with respect - including yourself!”

Liza said… (@LizaTaitBailey / http://www.lizataitbailey.com/)

“To me self-confidence is not static, it is constantly evolving, growing with each achievement and plummeting with each failure. When I feel self-confident, it is the shield through which blows feel merely like glances, they bounce off easily. But my self-confidence is generally low, and it's been a slow battle to build it. I think society teaches us that a lack of self-confidence is cute, a misaimed modesty that does not leave us humble but instead without self-esteem, and so girls are left without their defences, desperately clutching at ways to feel better about themselves.”

What is self-confidence to me? Well, it’s being proud of who I am and not being afraid to show people the real me. It’s believing in my capabilities and feeling comfortable in my own skin. I’m not one of the most self-confident persons ever and I doubt myself probably more than I should but I’ve been trying to improve the way I feel about myself. For me the most important thing is accepting my flaws but realising that despite those, there are many positives things about me.

Blogging is one of those things that has been helping me improve my self-confidence by proving myself that I can create good content. I’ve never been in such a happy place about blogging as I am now because I was restricting myself from doing what I wanted because I didn’t know if others would like it or if they were even going to read it. Who cares? I blog for myself. You should do to and if you never try, you’ll never know.

Practising swimming was something that helped me a lot to when I first started. Wearing a swimsuit in front of everyone in a closed place? Hell, no. But I did it and I feel more than comfortable doing it now because I realised that people don’t give a damn about it. They’re in swimsuits too and none of them has the perfect body but neither do I. I’ve learned that something can only affect you if you allow it too so don’t. Be proud of who you are and don’t be afraid to do what you love just because your neighbour might not enjoy it. It’s not their decision, it’s yours.

What is self-confidence to you? Are you a self-confident person? What helps you improve the way you feel about yourself?
Love, Rita

P.S: I want to thank all these women that took some of their time to help write this blogpost about Self-Confidence. I’ll be doing more similar blogposts to this in the future where you can be included to. If you don’t want to miss follow me on Twitter so that you know when it’s time to get involved!

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