How To Get Ready Quicker in The Morning

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Who has never complained about not having enough time to get ready in the morning? The thing is more about previous organisation than about the amount of things you have to do. If you’re reading this at the moment, you probably didn’t organise a thing last night, did you?

Pack everything you’ll need | This step is probably the most important and the one who takes a bit more of practise until you can do it without thinking too much about it. Packing everything you’ll need for the next day isn’t placing your bag at the door. It’s about putting in your bag everything you’ll need: books/notebooks if you’re still studying, paperwork if you’ll need it, gloves (especially at this time of the year), your wallet with money on it so that you won’t have to run around the house trying to find some, any snacks you might need, a pack of tissues. Everything you only remember when you’re about to leave the house basically!

Place your keys next to your bag | Who hasn’t gone a tad latter because you couldn’t find your keys? Go find them the night before and place them right next to your bag!

Plan your makeup | If you always like to do your makeup before you leave the house (don’t do it while driving, ok?), plan what makeup products you’ll need in the morning and place all of them where you always do your makeup. If you’re trying to be quick, you don’t have time for smokey eye with a cat-winged liner!

Place all the products you’ll need in the same place | What is your eye cream doing in the living room? That should be in the exact same place where you do your skin care routine. Put everything in the same place! That way is much quicker to pick everything and hurry up!

Plan your outfit and place it somewhere you can see it once you get up | No, you can’t change your mind in the morning if you want to be quick and that’s why you need to be wise while choosing. Check the meteorology for the next day so that you can decide what clothes, shoes and bag you can wear the next day. Accessories are included!

Plan your breakfast | This is the easiest step of all. You only need to think about what you’re eating for breakfast the next morning, where everything is placed so that you won’t waste much time and don’t change your mind! Mind control is the key!

Wash your hair the night before | Ever since dry shampoos made their appearance to the world, you don’t have an excuse anymore. Washing, brushing and styling your hair in the morning can take way too long when you’re trying to be quick so wash it the night before for saving some extra minutes!

"How long it will take me to do everything?" | This is something that will require some thought and experience. Pay attention to how much time you need to complete certain task as eating breakfast, doing your skin care routine and dressing, everything. I know that I need around 10 minutes to make and eat breakfast, 15 to do my skin care routine and dress and 15 to do my makeup, brush my teeth, put some shoes on, grab all my stuff and go so I usually wake up 40 minutes before I need to leave the house!

Do you usually organise your mornings? How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

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