7 Things Bloggers Don't Tell

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Our blogs are a way of expression: the beauty favourites, the helpful tips, the chatty posts on a specific subject, the most delicious recipes. We definitely write a lot but there are things we never tell. Am I right?

We don’t know where we're going most of times but we think we do | I’ve realised that I don’t really know where I am going with my blog when people asked me “Do you want blogging to be your career?” or “You do it so that you can find new opportunities?” I’ve started my blog because I wanted to share things with other people, I wanted to connect with others that have the same interests I do. I never thought of it as a career or a way of getting new opportunities but I’ll certainly consider them once they pop up. It’s ok not to know.

Around what you see on those beautiful photos there’s a chaotic mess | Can we thank the person who created the “Crop” tool? I always want my photos to look clean and pretty but the mess that is around it isn’t pretty at all. There’s makeup products, notebooks, the bag where I keep my tripod, a list where I’ve written what photos I need to take and the usual mess of a student’s room.

Life isn’t as glamorous as Instagram might show | Who likes to Instagram a selfie from that day you were looking crap? Nobody. I’ll certainly won’t be post photos of my messy room or kitchen and if you burnt your toasts, I bet you won’t capture the moment and upload it on Instagram. If you want to have a glance through our lives, check Twitter. We complain about everything there.

Social media is crucial if you want to grow your blog | It took me a while to realise this but I’ve finally done it and even though I’m not the best at managing all my social media platforms, I’m trying. Promise.

Not everyone can stick to blogging regularly | Yes, everybody can create a blog and most of you will at least stick to it for the first few weeks but will everyone be able to blog regularly? No. It all comes from your personality. Will you have a late night trying to reply to comments and reading the most recent posts of fellow bloggers? Will you get up early on weekends so that you can get a great photo for next week’s post? Most people won’t and that’s why not everybody sticks to blogging.

We waste money on things we don’t need | Most of the times I’m aware I don’t need that pretty notebook or that gold pen or even that copper plate that will have no other use than being a prop for my blog photos but I’ll always find an excuse to buy it anyway and then I’ll tell myself it wasn’t that expensive. But it was money after all. Oh well…

Everything can turn into a blogpost | That trip you’re taking on Sunday with your family? That nice coffee shop you visited last week? Everything can be a blogging opportunity and that's having the mind of a blogger. If you’re in this stage already, there’s no turning back now, I’m sorry!

What others things can you remember that bloggers “never” tell?
Love, Rita

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